2 March 2012 – Beware Acts of kindness


We were given some horrible news today at work that has put all life’s little worries into perspective for sure. One of my colleagues, a lovely bubbly lady, was walking with her three children last night at about 7pm. She was waiting to cross the road, and a van stopped to let her cross. She held her children’s hands and crossed but a motorbike was overtaking the van, not aware she was crossing, and hit her three year old daughter. The little girl died in hospital a little while later. The whole office has been in shock all day. This lovely lady always talks about her children and it’s hard to imagine how she must be feeling.

All of you out there with children please remember this when you take your child’s hand to cross the road, just because someone stops and waves you across it doesn’t mean it’s safe. There may be other vehicles on the road that can’t see you and don’t know you are there. I was often waved across the road near me by drivers when my boys were little and always refused to cross (sometimes getting abuse from drivers for it) but I always felt that cars in the other lane might not stop and motorbikes riding down the centre of the road would not be expecting me to step out. Even today I’m wary of crossing when someone waves me across. Like can change in a second and sometimes an act of kindness can be a danger.

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