27 March 2012 – debt


There is a bit of a nip in the air here today but I have high hopes for sun later. Work for me but my team is on correspondence this week rather than phones which is great! This came about because there is a backlog and we are the top team so we get time off the phones as a treat. It’s so much more relaxed dealing with letters and emails rather than taking phone calls. Having said that some of the queries are more complicated so it does tax the old brain.

Quite a lot of the letters are from people with debt problems too and it it eye opening to see the problems the have got themselves into and what they consider to be priorities for their finances. Funny how people think their mobile phone and sky tv and holidays are more important than their bills and some of the credit card debts make my hair stand on end. Am I the only one who was taught to pay for the essentials first and then if there was enough money left to have the luxuries?

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