23 April 2012 – Bombshell on the work front


I have an unexpected day off. I went to work this morning as normal and at 11 they told us all to get off the phones for a meeting. No one had any idea what it was about and we all gathered looking a bit puzzled. After a bit of waffle the floor manager announced that our building is going to close at the end of the year and we are all going to get made redundant. Seems like we will have work until July but after that that’s it. Continue reading

6 April 2012 – family worries


Been a busy day already as we went into town to get a present for my eldest son for his thirtieth. How did that happen? He’s going on a surprise trip to Turkey so I got him a new wallet and a leather thing for carrying his passport and travel documents. I also filled said wallet with euros. Hopefully he’ll like it. Continue reading