6 April 2012 – family worries


Been a busy day already as we went into town to get a present for my eldest son for his thirtieth. How did that happen? He’s going on a surprise trip to Turkey so I got him a new wallet and a leather thing for carrying his passport and travel documents. I also filled said wallet with euros. Hopefully he’ll like it.

Last night Commando ruined all my good food work by taking us out to TGI. He’d booked it up a a surprise so I couldn’t moan. Also, he’d just had a call from his dad to say his mum has been taken to hospital. So he needed cheering up. Apparently she/s been diagnosed with a leaky heart valve, probably as a result of all her other health problems. She has type two diabetes but she’s never been able to control her weight so now she’s insulin dependent. A few months ago she had kidney failure as a result of all the drugs she takes. Now, she’s put on even more weight and basically all she can do is sit in a chair all day doing nothing.

It’s tough not to interfere but I’ve tried in the past to help her lose weight and get more mobile. Sadly she is now beyond doing anything to help herself. She’s 75 and I fear that she won’t last much longer unless she has a drastic change of lifestyle.

We’re both very worried about her but there’s nothing we can do except wait right now. The worst thing is Commando’s dad doesn’t want us to tell his sister because she’s going on holiday and he doesn’t want her to worry. I think there’s going to be some major fall out to that decision. Families!!

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