23 April 2012 – Bombshell on the work front


I have an unexpected day off. I went to work this morning as normal and at 11 they told us all to get off the phones for a meeting. No one had any idea what it was about and we all gathered looking a bit puzzled. After a bit of waffle the floor manager announced that our building is going to close at the end of the year and we are all going to get made redundant. Seems like we will have work until July but after that that’s it.

Obviously, I hate my job so in that sense it’s not bad news but there is a teeny worry about the money and where it will come from with no job. It’s not going to be easy getting another job in this climate with 2,000 other people all made redundant at the same time. Oh well back to the drawing board.

To be honest it is probably a good thing. It will make me get off my bum and try harder to get something else. Feel so sorry for all the lovely people who have who raked there for most of their lives and have no Ida where to start looking. Also for the people who are the main breadwinners and have nothing else to fall back on. It’s going to be a tough place to go to today

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