1 May 2012 – the good news, the bad news and the uncertainty


Hi folks. Just to let you know I am still around just skulking in the background. After the redundancy announcement last Monday I’ve been a bit lax with the logging etc and, if I’m honest, eaten way too much. Comfort eating I know. Also had the girls from work round on Friday night and a great deal of alcohol was consumed, plus a photo of the infamous Mad House MD who came to our office on Friday and told us all how hard it was for him to close our building pinned up on the punch bag got a good beating.

The next morning there were still two bodies in my gym and we had football to go to. The last match of the season and a very important one for my team Saints as some of you will know. So, hungover, and leaving my friends to lock up, we walked over to st Mary’s. Luckily the result went our way and we won convincingly, gaining promotion to the premiership. A pitch invasion followed and then a large portion of hair of the dog in the local with my footie friends. Back home and a take away and a bottle of champagne with the match on sky plus so we could see it all over again and try to spot ourselves in the crowd.

As you can imagine, Sunday was a bit of a write off. All of you that know me will know I’m not much of a one for the drink in normal circumstances so I’m not used to hangovers. Yesterday was not a bad day until the evening when I hit the chocolate a bit. Today, I have been more or less on track but it is my wedding anniversary so there was a special meal and profiteroles to get through.

I am feeling quite fat and fed up with myself at the moment and know I have to get back on track pronto. Trouble is it is my birthday tomorrow and I already have a very large box of chocolates awaiting me courtesy of my in laws. I also have to go into work in the morning, even though it’s my week off, because there’s a big union meeting to discuss our position on the redundancies. I know they’re going to happen no matter what we do but need to get as much information about possible pay outs and timescales as I can to help me decide whether I wait until the end or jump ship now (with no money). All in all quite difficult times. I know they have given us 90 days but I’m not sure if the office will be closing straight away after that or what. Oh well que serra, serra. Promise I will get back to it on Thursday.

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