9 May 2012 – light bulb moment


Finally I think I may have worked out what I did to my elbow. I was talking to someone about the girls night last week when Commando pinned a photo of the Mad House CEO up on our punch bag, lots of drunken punching went on. It was pointed out to me that that may have been when I crocked myself and thinking about it it makes sense. After all when you have been drinking you don’t always feel the pain. Oh well, lessons learned I guess.

The arm is still hurting although slightly better than it was. I did get stuck in my dress last night because I couldn’t bend my elbow properly. Managed to free myself eventually but with a lot of pain and swearing. Luckily I was alone at the time as I imagine it was quite a funny sight. I managed to use the mouse at work with my left hand yesterday, although very slowly and often clicking where I didn’t want to click. Funny how I kept right clicking when I ment to left click and vice versa too. The writing on the white board was a little less successful although it did give my team mates a good laugh.

Think I need to visit the doctor tomorrow on my day off and get it sorted once and for all. Oh well, just today to get through before the mini weekend for me.

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