14 May 2012 – emotional


On Sunday I had a bit of an emotional day as I had a BBQ with my family which is almost unheard of. My family don’t ever get together and in fact rarely even speak to each other (mainly courtesy of my late mother who managed to fall out with most of them and cause all sorts of feuds). Anyhow, my cousin was hosting the BBQ as another cousin (who I didn’t even knw existed) was coming to the uk from Australia for the first time since before I was born.

I wasn’t looking forward to it as I anticipated rows. Actually there were none and I caught up with lots of relatives I hadn’t seen for years, some since I was a child. There was lots of talk of my late parents and my granddad who lived with us and more or less bought me up.

There were also a few answers to questions I’ve long wondered about. We stayed longer than we’d planned as they didn’t want us to leave but as we drove away I found myself crying. Commando said he expected that to happen, although I was surprised by it. I had a very emotional evening and didn’t sleep too well because I kept dreaming about it.

Today the emotional feelings carried on and, at one point, when I had a call from a very upset lady calling to report her husband’s death I actually had to go and have a little cry in the loo. Despite all this I have been good with my food and haven’t resorted to comfort eating so I’m pretty proud of myself.


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