29 May 2012 – random day off


Random rest day for me today as my name was picked out of a hat to have today off due to low call volumes. So, in the best tradition of walks past, I thought I’d post about my random day off walk. Last night I decided the best thing to do with this unexpectedly free day was to go for a nice long walk. After all, I had nothing planned, Commando was asleep, and what else was I going to do? Housework? I don’t think so!

I got up at my normal work time, had a shower and some breakfast then set off with my sunglasses firmly perched on my nose and smothered in sun cream. When I set off at 8:30, it wasn’t too hot but it soon began to warm up. It was lovely down by the river with all the swans and ducks and I made good time to the White Swan. I stopped for a moment and sat on a bench to have a drink and take a photo then set off toward the airport. By that time it was beginning to get warmer and I think my pace was slowing. I kept noticing my speed dropping and pushing myself to speed up. By the time I got to the airport it was really warm and my feet were beginning to feel quite sweaty (sorry if that’s tmi).

The two miles from the airport to the Swan Centre seemed to take forever and my feet were feeling a bit sore by the time I got there. Strange because I don’t normally have a problem with my feet, I can only think it was down to the heat because I’d only walked 6 miles at this point and have have done much more than than quite recently with no problem. Anyhow, at the swan centre I stopped for a costa coffee (skinny latte obviously) and a five minute sit down. I also put a blister plaster on the bottom of my right foot because it felt quite sore.

I had a little stroll round the shopping centre for half an hour or so, although all I bought was some more sun cream, blister plasters and moisturiser, all at BOGOF in boots. Then I set off for the walk home feeling relatively ok, although by then the sun was really warm and I was glad of my water bottle. At Riverside Park I stopped again for a little rest and a drink of water by the pitch and putt. While I sat there I decided that, despite my aching feet I was going to walk up the big hill instead of home and pick up some milk. Even so, when I got to the point where I could either go up the hill or down to my house it was touch and go whether I would or not.

My mind won over my feet though and I walked up the hill. A little stroll around Sainsburys and a few vital supplies picked up and I was off down the hill towards home. By that time my feet were really unhappy and I know I was going at a snails pace. Still, CJ made me a nice cup of coffee when I got in and I put my feet up in the garden for a couple of hours before it was time to cook the dinner.

I burned over 1600 calories quite a few of which I have banked for slip ups later in the week or over the weekend, although I did treat myself to a nice weighed portion of coffe flavoured ice cream.

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