27 June 2012 – Grief


Commando is as ok as can be expected although we are a bit worried about his Dad. We went to see him yesterday, took him to get some shopping and spent some time with him. Bard came round to see Commando in the afternoon so it was a bit of a manic day. At the moment we are waiting to find out if there will be a post Mortem because there were two doctors involved and neither wants to sign the death certificate.

Still some good news, Bard has got a job at the docks. It’s only ad hoc at the moment and it’s not what he wants to do (working in kitchens using his chef skills) but it is work which is a step in the right direction.

Sadly good eating went out of the window yesterday a bit but I’m back to work this morning so hopefully a little more back to normal. I think it’s going to be a bit of a mad week or two but I will try to keep as on track as I can and drop in now and then to say hello

26 June 2012 – sad news


I may be off the radar for a while. A couple of hours ago I had a call from Commando to say his mum has passed away. We knew it was on the cards but it is still a bit of a shock. His dad called him in a bit of a state having just called the ambulance. Commando left work and went round there, calling me on the way.

So far all I know is she died just after the paramedics arrived and Commando was there with his dad and the paramedics and the police (apparently a formality in these circumstances). He is going over to the hospital with his dad as they are taking her to the chapel of rest (I think but I could be wrong). CJ is out but will hopefully be back soon.
I’m just sitting here waiting for more news or for someone to turn up, can’t sleep but wish I could because the waiting is horrible. I am expecting the next few days to be a bit of a mess with loads to do so I may be AWOL. Just in case anyone was worried.

25 June 2012 – Redundancy meeting


We had our union meeting today and found out that the company have not given in to some things but have to others. For me it is a plus because although they said no to four weeks pay for every year they are giving a one off payment that is more for me than the extra week would have been. They agreed to back date the deferred pay raise for the whole of this year and also not to make us pay back any holidays we have booked over our pro rata allowance as long as we booked it before the announcement. Another plus for me because I was over my allowance but booked it in January. Continue reading

21 June 2012 – Enlightenment


Today was a very good day for me. I had to get up at five and be on the road at six thirty for my Dalai Lama visit in Aldershot. It was a nice chatty trip with my son and daughter in law and her friend. The event was in the football ground and started off with some Nepalese traditional dancing. Very colourful and lovely costumes. We were sitting right in front of the dancers podium so got great views. It was strange to see so many Nepalese people in one place too, if nothing else it made me feel very tall and I’m only five foot four! Continue reading

20 June 2012 – Jobs fair


The jobs fair was very positive and gave me lots of interesting ideas. It also meant I went to work in a dress for the first time in living memory. A few of the employers expressed an interest in mE and took my bran new, shiny CV but some of them were too far away and some I’m not interested in as it’s call centre work again. Continue reading

12 June 2012 – not the best of days


Yesterday we had almost the whole average rainfall for June. It feels like my house is going to float away. I had a meeting with the company Mad House have bought in to help us with our job searches. Lots of really useful information about cv’s, job searching, interviews and much more. Hopefully that will help. Lots to think about anyway. The downside was it completely messed up our lunch and breaks and I didn’t have a chance to get my fruit. I also had far too many skinny lattes from the canteen as they were bringing them in for us and you all know how I love coffee. Then when I came back to my desk someone had left a cupcake with the england flag on it. Was feeling quite sick and wobbly by then as I had lunch too early and nothing since and it was about 5.30 with two and a half hours to go before home time. Of course I ate the cup cake then felt awful with big sugar rush. Continue reading