12 June 2012 – not the best of days


Yesterday we had almost the whole average rainfall for June. It feels like my house is going to float away. I had a meeting with the company Mad House have bought in to help us with our job searches. Lots of really useful information about cv’s, job searching, interviews and much more. Hopefully that will help. Lots to think about anyway. The downside was it completely messed up our lunch and breaks and I didn’t have a chance to get my fruit. I also had far too many skinny lattes from the canteen as they were bringing them in for us and you all know how I love coffee. Then when I came back to my desk someone had left a cupcake with the england flag on it. Was feeling quite sick and wobbly by then as I had lunch too early and nothing since and it was about 5.30 with two and a half hours to go before home time. Of course I ate the cup cake then felt awful with big sugar rush.

I have taken fruit from home today so that is a plus. Bus to work again though because it is still raining. Oh well here’s to a better day.

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