22 June 2012 – counting the days


It’s pretty damp here this morning. Still, a short day for me as I’m only working until six thirty and I’m feeling very positive after my Dalai Lama encounter so hopefully I won’t feel the next to eat rubbish. Not a lot of chance for exercise though.

I’m counting the days now until I escape from the call centre. Twenty four working days left.Of course I’m little scared of what comes after but it will be such a relief not to have to walk through the war zone to get to work and not to have to take calls all day. I will miss the lovely little old ladies though. Example: an old west Indian man “my cooker is making a funny noise” me ” is it a gas or electric cooker.” old man “I don’t know, I don’t cook.” me “is it a loud noise?” old man “not really loud.” then there was a lot of arguing going on in the background, the little old man and an elderly sounding west Indian woman. Suddenly I’m talking to a west Indian woman. Me “is the noise coming from your cooker loud and do you know if it’s gas or electric?” old lady “don’t take any notice of him, he’s a silly old sod. It the smoke alarm the fire brigade fitted.”

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