26 June 2012 – sad news


I may be off the radar for a while. A couple of hours ago I had a call from Commando to say his mum has passed away. We knew it was on the cards but it is still a bit of a shock. His dad called him in a bit of a state having just called the ambulance. Commando left work and went round there, calling me on the way.

So far all I know is she died just after the paramedics arrived and Commando was there with his dad and the paramedics and the police (apparently a formality in these circumstances). He is going over to the hospital with his dad as they are taking her to the chapel of rest (I think but I could be wrong). CJ is out but will hopefully be back soon.
I’m just sitting here waiting for more news or for someone to turn up, can’t sleep but wish I could because the waiting is horrible. I am expecting the next few days to be a bit of a mess with loads to do so I may be AWOL. Just in case anyone was worried.

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