7 July 2012 – Race for life panic


It’s been an emotional week with my mother in law’s funeral and several visits from my father in law, who is lost and doesn’t know what to do with himself. I’m sure things will slowly get back to normal.

Tomorrow I will be walking/possibly jogging, the race for life 10k. To be honest not a lot of preparation has gone into this because it’s all been overshadowed by events so, in true Mr Bumble style, I’m in a bit of a last minute panic. Finally found my race pack this morning and got a very basic just giving page together. I know it’s only 10k and you all know that’s a walk in the park for me (excuse the pun as it is actually on Southampton Common which is kind of a park) and nothing like Mr Bumble’s super human feats but it’s the charity that counts. I lost both my parents and my grandmother to cancer and several friends along the way. I have a sister in law who is a survivor and a friend whose husband is in the final stages of this horrible illness right now. It will be an emotional day.

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