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In my head I’m eighteen but most days my body feels about eighty and my passport says I’m somewhere in between the two. I was a chubby child who turned into a chubby adult and I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to lose weight or keep off the weight I have managed to lose. The main problem is that I’m a self confessed chocoholic, just like a billion other women, probably just like you.

Over the years I’ve tried practically every diet known to man with varying degrees of success but failure always followed and my weight yo yoed to almost fourteen stone, which is hefty for a shorty like me. I squeezed myself into size eighteen clothes trying to pretend I wasn’t really a size twenty and I was miserable every time I looked in a mirror. Then, in 2009, I went on the redundancy diet. I lost the job I loved and couldn’t eat, couldn’t sit still and the weight dropped off for the first time in years. When I hit a plateau I didn’t stop, I joined a weight loss website, Weightlossresources or WLR for short and carried on with the help of all the lovey virtual friends I made.

Counting my calories and exercising, plus completing the London Moonwalk in 2011 saw me at my lightest and happiest ever. I weighed nine stone six and was wearing mostly size ten clothes. I promised myself I would never go back. Ever! Then redundancy diet number two reared its ugly head and, instead of losing weight, I began to put it back on, instead of not being able to eat I couldn’t stop and instead of not being able to sit still I couldn’t seem to get off my backside. I kept making excuses to avoid the two mile walk to work, I stopped my early morning Pump It Up sessions, I stopped going on long walks at the weekend. I knew what to do to stop the rot but I just couldn’t seem to do it.

Well I gave myself a good kick up The bum and stared over again, going back to basics and,  if you’re interested, you can follow my journey on my other blog I post most days, rants, confessions, information, tips and even recipes. If you want to keep updated you can even subscribe to get news of updates. If you like what you see, tell your friends or like it on Facebook. Losing weight is tough, but it’s always made easier when people get together and share their experiences. 😀

This blog is the story of my original journey, I’ve recently started going through my old diaries and have started posting excerpts regularly so you can get a feel what life was like for me when I was MUCH bigger and all the stupid things I tried to lose the blubber. There’s also information on some of the wonderful places I’ve visited on my travel website Sadly, there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep that as up to date As I’d like though.

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