6 January 2011 – yoga and a dinner disaster


Today I started with a quick run and Wii fit routine before my first day back at the office. I’ve added a little bit of yoga over the last month or so too. ypga is most certainly not the easy option, it uses muscles you never knew you had. Years ago I used to do a lot of yoga and, although it’s not hard cardio work, it can make you ache if you do it properly and really helps posture. This can only be a good thing when I’m sitting on my bum all day in the office.

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3 January 2011- chill day and a new bathroom


Tomorrow I am back to work again so today Was a chill day with a little bathroom hunting thrown in. This year we really will get our upstairs bathroom done. 

I cooked loads of meals for the week and to feed the freezer yesterday so, other than a quick kitchen clean, I’m done. We also took the Christmas Decorations down and put them back in the attic and cleaned up (well Commando cleaned up while I cooked). Life is finally looking like it’s back to normal. Continue reading

1 January 2011- back on the wagon and footie


Well it’s time to get back on the wagon good and proper and put the excesses of Christmas behind me. Maybe 2011 will be the year I banish those extra pounds for ever. Starting today with a walk to the stadium for the New Year’s Day footie! Continue reading