31 March 2010 – Celebration Time!

Celebration Time!

Celebration Time!

The walk to work was cancelled this morning due to exceptionally high winds. Getting blown off the Big Bridge is not on my to do list. Then again, it would get me out of answering the phones all day. Even going over the bridge on the bus was a white knuckle ride. We got suck in traffic half way across and I swear the bus was rocking with each gust. There was a point when I thought walking and going over the side was preferable to being trapped in a sinking bus. Continue reading

30 March 2010 – three wheels on my diet wagon

Three wheels on my diet waggon?

Three wheels on my diet wagon?

Right back on the wagon today! No crap food, no chocolate, just two skinny lattes (yes I know but a girl has to have coffee to get through the day at the Mad House). Back on the Pump It Up first thing in the morning and the walk to work. This weight has to come off before Turkey and time is running out! Continue reading

29 March 2010 – half dead and cursing the celebration binge

Strangled by those size eight leggings

Strangled by those size eight leggings

It was a bus to work this morning, feeling half dead and cursing Ali Rana for not giving me the day off. Amy’s empty seat just rubbed salt into the wounds. If there’s any justice her size eight leggings will strangle her. To cap it all our systems were down most of the day. You’d think they’d have let us go home but they didn’t. We spent all day answering calls, telling people the systems were down and either directing them to the website or filling in a call back form. We all did our best to discourage the latter because we know for sure those call backs are not going to happen. Continue reading

28 March 2010 – Wembley and celebrations


We were an excited party standing on Southampton Station this morning waiting for our train. The platform was a sea of red and white and filled with an air of expectation. Last time I went to an away game it was 2003, the FA Cup final in Cardiff and it didn’t end so well. We had high hopes today though. Continue reading

27 March 2010 – biting the varifocal bullet


Yesterday I got all the supplies for Sunday’s trip to Wembley and Rachel came to cut my hair so that was that out of the way. Today was all about glasses. Since I was in my twenties I’ve had to wear the blasted things, without them I can’t see. A few years ago I tried contact lenses, wore them for about a year, but, with all the flying I was doing back then, they were too much trouble. From a vanity perspective I don’t mind the glasses, at least they hide the crows feet a bit but they’re a pain when it’s raining. Continue reading

25 March 2010 – it’s not what you know…


The weekend is on the way and it’s a mad busy one. There’s an eye test, a hair cut and coffee with Mac to fit in not to mention Wembley. It would have been handy if I could have got Monday off really, I’m going to be exhausted. Goodness only knows how I coped when I had two day weekends, even with three I’m struggling to do everything. Continue reading

23 March 2010 – the day the music died


I have to admit to more than a little caution when I walked through the war zone this morning. Every time I saw a tramp I scurried past as quickly as I could, keeping my eyes on the pavement and all but holding my breath. It’s when they catch your eye they ask you for money. On the corner by the shops the woman who is a permanent fixture was already so drunk she was unconscious, make up running down her face, legs akimbo, no dignity whatsoever. Not for the first time I wondered what led her to this life? Continue reading

22 March 2010 – safety in the war zone

Mednyánszky, László - Two Tramps

Mednyánszky, László – Two Tramps

Despite the alcohol and possibly because of the lack of food since the dentist on Friday morning there was a massive two pound loss this morning. The tooth is beginning to settle in now though so I can’t expect the dentist effect to last. Still it does take me back into the elevens, just, and I haven’t been eleven-thirteen since last May. If I can just keep this up I could be in new weight territory before too long. Continue reading

20 March 2010 – hungover at the dentist


There was a walk yesterday but only to the dentist and back. To be honest I felt slightly hung over. Despite trying my best to make wise food choices I did succumb to the lure of alcohol, mainly to drown out Amy’s singing. Not much, just three rum and diet cokes, but that’s three more than I normally have. My head felt all fuzzy today. Still, after over an hour sitting in the dentist’s chair, I have a normal tooth now. Thing is it doesn’t feel normal. My jaw aches from all the pulling about and the new tooth, nice as it looks, feels like something alien in my mouth. I’m terrified it will break or come out when I chew. Continue reading

18 March 2010 – team night and popularity


It’s going to be a busy few days. The count down to the weekend has started. Tonight there was team night out at TGI’s and on Friday there are drinks at Frankie’s. This is not good hot on the heels of Mother’s Day food and cake and a weigh in on Monday. The only cloud on the horizon is the dentist on Friday morning which seems like bad planning but I can’t wait to get my new crown and get rid of this sandpaper temporary one. Continue reading