31 March 2011 – if only all days were like this


There was heavy rain here in the night and, looking out of the window it looked like I might need waders to get to work. There was no breakfast before I left because my team won a team breakfast for being top sales. To be honest I feel a bit of a fraud because it was for the week I was off and I’m a bit worried about the extra calories but then I thought, what the hell I’m going to enjoy it! On top of that we had a training session in the afternoon which sounded like fun. All in all a good way to end the week. Continue reading

28 March 2011 – zumba on the horizon! Maybe…

Today I went back to work. Although I was image446

feeling more or less normal I decided to take it fairly easy and ease myself back in slowly. Hopefully the whole fainting feeling odd thing was just a blip and that will be an end of it although I do have my blood test results on Friday and a doctors appointment to discuss them. Continue reading

26 March 2011 – reunion


Tonight there was a reunion for all the old staff from Dream Factory. At first I didn’t think I’d go, especially as I still wasn’t feeling 100%. Commando thought it would be good for me though so, in the end, I said I’d just pop my head in. Reunions are not really my thing and, as it was in a restaurant and I knew there would be lots of drinking, which I’m not fond of, I wasn’t exactly keen. Continue reading

23 March 2011 – feeling very strange


Eventually I managed to get an appointment at the doctor for yesterday afternoon. Afterwards I was none the wiser. He checked my blood pressure again and it is low, but mine usually is on the low side. The he took it again with me standing up and it was so low he couldn’t measure it properly which worried him a little (and me). Continue reading

22 March 2011 – poor treatment


Yesterday I had a very disturbing day. It began when I got up late because I forgot to turn my alarm on. This meant I had no time for exercise. When I went to the bathroom to weigh in and shower I felt faint so knelt on the floor thinking it would soon pass (I was a terrible fainter when I was a teenager so wasn’t particularly phased by it). It didn’t. It was about half an hour before I could stand up and even then I felt strange. Very shaky and not quite with it. I managed to have a wash and clean my teeth then had some breakfast and a drink. Continue reading

19 March 2011 – donations, gardening and walking


Thus morning I was feeling a little tired after the late night working for Comic Relief. Not that I’m complaining because we had a good night. When we arrived we were sent to the canteen for a chilli which the boys appreciated. They also had some cake. Then we went off to man the phones. Obviously, for me this was easier then it was for them but they did very well. The phones were quiet at first but once the sad stores started on TV the calls started coming in. The biggest donation of the evening in our call centre was £1000 and I took it! All in all I took £2106 in donations. I’m not sure what the total for the call centre will be but everyone did a sterling job. Continue reading

18 March 2011 – rain stops play


The dull and drizzly weather and a stint on the Comic Relief phones tonight put me off doing a long walk today. As it was my first time volunteering for Comic Relief I didn’t want to wear myself out. Everyone says it will be fun but it will be manic and I’m taking Commando Junior and Bard along to help out. We will all be answering the phones to take donations. Continue reading

16 March 2011 – patience and seedlings

looking forward to home grown lettuce in my wraps

looking forward to home grown lettuce in my wraps

It was dull and overcast here today and I was feeling a little achy after a hard workout last night. Despite this I did do a Wii fit work out though. Once I’d had my shower I dashed out to the propagator to check on my seedlings. Patience is not my strong point and, even though I knew it was far too early for anything to be happening, I have been checking every morning and every evening. Continue reading