25 October 2011 – l need a new job


I went to bed at 10 last night and took one of the Diazepam (I’m supposed to take them 3 times a day but it was my first because the pain killers with codeine made me pretty groggy during the day). I slept like a baby until 5.30. Woke up, went to the loo and thought I was healed because I felt no pain at all. Within 10 mins the pain was back so decided to take pain killers instead of another diazepam. I have to phone the absence line every morning and figured if I took another diazepam I wouldn’t be asleep until midday and would be in trouble for not phoning in. I think I will keep them for night time.
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23 October 2011 – Accident fall out

From Wikimedia Commons by ashlyak at ml.wikipedia

From Wikimedia Commons by ashlyak at ml.wikipedia

Feeling a bit tired and sore today. I didn’t sleep very well as I couldn’t get comfortable as Commando will testify because I kept him awake with my tossing and turning. My shoulder and neck feel like I’ve been doing a very tough workout and taken it a step too far but nothing too bad. Think I will go to see my GP on Monday just to get checked out. Continue reading

22 October 2011 – car crash

Brewed in Percolator

We were going to town this morning as I have holes in my long socks and needed to get some more to wear with my boots. We were on the bridge, just pulled up in traffic when the car behind went straight into the back of us. The back bumper on the car is pretty badly smashed and my neck and shoulder are aching. Luckily Commando is fine because he saw her in his mirror, she was changing a CD and he knew she wasn’t going to stop, and braced himself. I think I’ll be ok but it’s annoying because I can’t do any exercise. Hopefully I will be feeling better in the morning. Continue reading