18 September 2011 – the finish line


Well I made it to 14 days. Had a bit of an odd one today. No real exercise although I did plan some. I had a call late this morning from my good friend Frankie. She had some free tickets to the match this afternoon and wants me to go with her. The roast I’d planned had to be ditched and we had paninis instead because Commando had to go to work at 4 and kick off was three. Continue reading


15 July 2011 – Hangover

Well yesterday was pretty dire at work. I had a day of horrible calls. Problems I couldn’t solve and couldn’t find out how to solve, difficult customers and generally horrible calls. I had two really bad debt calls where customers basically refused every possible option offered and kicked off big time. Some people pay nothing for over a year and then think if they shout enough we will let them off. I also had a customer who called me. C**t, I didn’t even put the phone down on him straight away but he really did upset me and I ended up crying after I finally did hang up. Luckily my boss was sitting right behind me at the time and was very supportive. I almost walked out and went home. I do sometimes wonder how I manage to keep going back for more. I did stay away from the chocolate bars in the canteen though! Continue reading

20 March 2010 – hungover at the dentist


There was a walk yesterday but only to the dentist and back. To be honest I felt slightly hung over. Despite trying my best to make wise food choices I did succumb to the lure of alcohol, mainly to drown out Amy’s singing. Not much, just three rum and diet cokes, but that’s three more than I normally have. My head felt all fuzzy today. Still, after over an hour sitting in the dentist’s chair, I have a normal tooth now. Thing is it doesn’t feel normal. My jaw aches from all the pulling about and the new tooth, nice as it looks, feels like something alien in my mouth. I’m terrified it will break or come out when I chew. Continue reading

19 February 2010 – letting off steam


Last night all the girls came to mine for a girly night after work. We planned it on Monday afternoon when everyone was feeling down and depressed and we’d been looking forward to it all week. Well I had anyway. On Thursday night I prepared some nibbles. Yes I know they were the last thing we all needed but as none of us had eaten I thought it might soak up the alcohol a bit. Continue reading

21 January 2010 – team building drinks

After work drinks at The Alex

After work drinks at The Alex

Finally it’s Thursday, I thought this week was going to go on forever. It’s bad enough working at the Mad House at the best of times but with morale at an all time low it’s just horrible. I have never seen so many glum faces gathered together in my life. Continue reading

12 December 2009 – pre match drinks

Pre match drinks

Pre match drinks

Yesterday was more or less a right off again, even without a hangover. Dragging myself out of bed was effort enough and I walked through the day as if I was struggling through treacle. Walking up the Big Hill to the shops was about as active as I got. There was a moment when I thought I wasn’t even going to make it to the top. At ten o’clock, when Commando came home from his overtime, he found me asleep in front of the TV. I’m not sure how long I can keep this up.

Today was all about football. Usually we walk straight to the match but today we met some of Commando’s work mates in the pub before the game. As usual I asked for diet coke. Gaz handed me a rum and coke. There seemed to be a game going on, something along the lines of how many drinks could be downed without missing kick off. The only person who actually brought me what I asked for was Commando so, by the time we made it to the stadium I was feeling a little the worse for wear.

The cold of the stadium woke me up a little and the match was exciting. Tranmere seemed to be fielding a bunch of girls, falling over and crying, which was quite frustrating, but the score line of three nil to the Southern Boys with all three goals in the second half gave us plenty to cheer about. That’s five wins in a row which is almost unheard of. Hope we can make it six on Tuesday in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy match.

We rounded off the day with a final rum and coke in the pub with the lads and a Chinese takeaway dinner. The evening was rounded off with hot chocolate laced with even more rum and the match highlights on TV. Way too much alcohol and way too much food but happy days.

3 December 2009 – Team night out and Jäger bomb insomnia

Team night out

Team night out

The weekend started tonight with my first ever team night out. Frankly, after ten hours on the phone dealing with everyone’s problems and being shouted at on a regular basis I just wanted to go home but, in the interest of fitting in and not seeming like a miserable cow, I went along. Continue reading