13 February 2012 – Feeling disheartened


Over the last few weeks I’ve been working really hard to get rid of the weight I put on whiles I was immobilised after my car accident. After I was given the all clear to go back to the high impact exercise I slowly built up the kettle bells and step, the Pump it Up and religiously stuck to logging my food apart from a tiny chocolate slip up last week. Today I weighed in and I’ve put on two pounds! Continue reading

24 August 2011 – My challenge for the week


Today it was drizzly yet again. When was summer this year I think I blinked and missed it. Hopefully it will dry up a bit for my walk to work because `i really need to fit in all the exercise I can. I’m just about to do my morning exercise then hump day awaits. Continue reading

15 July 2011 – Hangover

Well yesterday was pretty dire at work. I had a day of horrible calls. Problems I couldn’t solve and couldn’t find out how to solve, difficult customers and generally horrible calls. I had two really bad debt calls where customers basically refused every possible option offered and kicked off big time. Some people pay nothing for over a year and then think if they shout enough we will let them off. I also had a customer who called me. C**t, I didn’t even put the phone down on him straight away but he really did upset me and I ended up crying after I finally did hang up. Luckily my boss was sitting right behind me at the time and was very supportive. I almost walked out and went home. I do sometimes wonder how I manage to keep going back for more. I did stay away from the chocolate bars in the canteen though! Continue reading

4 May 2011 – not reaching for the biscuits


Today I will be mostly feeling proud of myself. One of the hardest lessons to learn in this weigh loss journey os how to conquer emotional eating. Last night gave me ample opportunity to practice as everything in my house went pear shaped and I was sitting in the middle of it all feeling fragile to say the least. Continue reading

22 March 2011 – poor treatment


Yesterday I had a very disturbing day. It began when I got up late because I forgot to turn my alarm on. This meant I had no time for exercise. When I went to the bathroom to weigh in and shower I felt faint so knelt on the floor thinking it would soon pass (I was a terrible fainter when I was a teenager so wasn’t particularly phased by it). It didn’t. It was about half an hour before I could stand up and even then I felt strange. Very shaky and not quite with it. I managed to have a wash and clean my teeth then had some breakfast and a drink. Continue reading

28 January 2011 – walking away the grumps


I was a bit headachy this morning after a rubbishy week at work. Yesterday was pants and I had my worst ever customer who actually ended the call by repeatedly telling me to F*** off after telling me he wanted to talk to a man. Not a good way to avoid paying your bill but some people seem to think it will work. As I don’t have a radiator in the bathroom at the moment it’s been very chilly showering all week too which hasn’t improved my mood. Well, technically I do have a radiator, the new one is leaning up against the wall but isn’t connected yet. Continue reading

27 September 2010 – 0.6lb of disappointment


With two long walks over the weekend and a fair bit of exercise during the week not to mention no real food disasters I thought I might get a decent result on the scales this morning. What a disappointment. Even after I’d weighed myself three times just to be sure all I’d lost was 0.6lb. This was really not what I wanted to see and it made me wonder exactly what I had to do to lose weight. Continue reading

27 July 2010 – dream factory bombshell


• Exercise: 742
• Consumed: 1189

Not a bad day today. It has been very hot and sticky again, kind of thundery, although the threatened storm hasn’t materialised yet. Commando woke me up early throwing stones at the window becaue he had forgotten his key but I took the opportunity to do a but more exercise, some Wii Fit boxing which I haven’t done for a while. Even though it was trying to rain I walked to work, although I confess I did think about the bus for a moment. The thought of calories burnt made me stick with the walking though. Continue reading

9 May 2010 – washing, phone and election blues

Now that's a match I'd like to see!

Now that’s a match I’d like to see!

Apart form the massive washing pile I had my phone issue to deal with today. You remember the phone that was stolen from my bag at the airport? Yes, that one. We did try to find out if it had been handed in when we landed but it hadn’t. Let’s face it, I knew that was never going to happen because I knew it was in my bag when I went into WH Smith to buy the sweets and water and it wasn’t there when I got on the plane. It wasn’t lost it was stolen. Even so we queued up at the desk to ask in the vain hope of a miracle and, for our trouble, got looked at as if we were mad to even ask. Continue reading