9 September 2011 – another one bites the dust


After my normal weekday breakfast I walked down to the river this morning with my backpack and my ipod. The town end of the river was churned up by the torrential rain we’ve had and very muddy looking with loads of debris, leaves, bit of twig and the like. There were only a few swans and they looked pretty miserable, their feathers had a muddy tidemark and as they dived down for whatever it is they eat, their necks became discoloured by the muddy water. They looked a very sorry state. Further along the river, as I walked amonst the trees the path was littered with fallen branches. Continue reading

8 September 2011 – At the risk of boring you…


It was tough going back to normal hours and normal calls today but all in all not a bad day at work. I must say I’m feeling worn out tonight though. The day started with a 30 min pump it up session then my normal weekday breakfast. After a quick shower it was off to walk to work with my back pack. I also managed a little walk at lunch time. Continue reading

6 September 2011 – back to basics day 2


What an interesting day! I had to be at work for eight o’clock this morning to get the coach to Reading where we would be testing the systems at the contingency office. I got up extra early and had my normal breakfast. There was no chance for my morning exercise and the pouring rain meant a bus ride to work but I did take my back pack with the 16lb weights. Continue reading