4 July 2010 – a new start


(11 st 11 lb BMI 28.3 size 14)

Tonight, after watching an episode of Biggest Loser I was messing about on the laptop mostly wondering if there was some kind of Biggest Loser website with tips and things. After all, if all those morbidly obese Americans could turn into normal people in the space of a few months then surely I could too, with a little help. What I found, eventually was a weight loss website run by the Biggest Loser people but in the UK. There is a food and exercise diary to keep track of calories eaten and calories burned through exercise plus a forum where members can ask for advice and swap stories. There is also a daily diary to write down your feelings and thoughts. This is supposed to help get things in perspective and to help see where things have gone wrong, the triggers to lead to overeating and the things that actually work. So here I am, swapping my normal dairy for this one in the spirit of starting afresh.

Despite all the good work that went into losing the first two stone, I’ve been stuck for what seems like an eternity hovering between 11 stone 7 and 12 stone. I know I need an extra push to reach my goal of 9 stone 3 (the middle of my BMI and the weight the evil Wii Fit trainer tells me is ideal) and maybe this is it. Today is the first step towards my goal!

17 May 2010 – water weight?

Water weight?

Water weight?

Weigh in this morning and, unaccountably, four pounds have disappeared. That makes no sense because I’ve been terrible on the eating front since I came back from Turkey and there was a meal out and champagne at the weekend. I’m taking it though and it’s made me more determined to nail the last two stone once and for all. Imagine weighing nine stone something! Continue reading