19 November 2009 – memories of the cabbage soup diet

Unfortunate co sequences from horrible soup

Unfortunate consequences from horrible soup

So far this week I’m on target for my sales, I’ve got one every day and I’ve got a service contract but it feels like the pressure is never off. No sooner have I got a sale then I’m worrying about the next one and, as everyone else except Tom, is getting lots of sales every day I feel like I’m letting the team down. Next week I’m having a one to one with Maddie and I’m a bit worried what she’s going to say. Continue reading

22 June 2009 – a big gain and giving up on the fad diets

Only a pound, I expected more

Only a pound, I expected more

I weighed myself this morning and I’m back to twelve stone six. I’ve regained nearly all the weight I lost on the Atkins diet. My eating has got out of control again and I haven’t done any Race For Life training all month. I’ve let all this driving business take over my life and I have to get back in control again NOW. I’ve decided there are going to be no more crash diets, no Atkins or cabbage soup, I’m going to be sensible and eat properly and I’m going to make sure I do Race For Life training every week. Continue reading

5 May 2009 – a flying shirt button and the Atkins Diet

Shirt button popping

Shirt button popping

Mac was drinking his coffee this morning when he accidentally inhaled instead of swallowing. This resulted in a massive coughing fit during which one of the buttons on his shirt actually popped off under the strain and flew across the room narrowly missing hitting me in the head. Poor Mac was mortified. In all fairness the shirt was strained to breaking point before the coughing fit so it was almost inevitable that a button would go sooner or later. It’s not only me that all the cakes are catching up with. Continue reading

23 January 2009 – cabbage soup fall out


How did that happen?

How did that happen?

I can’t believe it. I’ve been really good all week. My stomach still feels like it’s shrunk so I haven’t been eating all that much because I don’t want to stretch it again. I did have some chocolate on Wednesday night but only a bag of Maltesers. We weighed in this morning and I’ve put on weight. How does that work? I’ve put on nine pounds. That means I’ve only lost two pounds in the last two weeks, even with the bloody cabbage soup diet and all the good eating and walking to work all week. Continue reading

18 January 2009 – never eating cabbage soup again


 If I never see another cabbage again it will be too soon!

Today is the last day! I can have unlimited vegetables, cabbage soup and some brown rice. The problem is there is no more cabbage soup. Commando threw it out and forbade me to make any more because it makes the house smell too much. Continue reading