25 June 2012 – Redundancy meeting


We had our union meeting today and found out that the company have not given in to some things but have to others. For me it is a plus because although they said no to four weeks pay for every year they are giving a one off payment that is more for me than the extra week would have been. They agreed to back date the deferred pay raise for the whole of this year and also not to make us pay back any holidays we have booked over our pro rata allowance as long as we booked it before the announcement. Another plus for me because I was over my allowance but booked it in January. Continue reading

22 June 2012 – counting the days


It’s pretty damp here this morning. Still, a short day for me as I’m only working until six thirty and I’m feeling very positive after my Dalai Lama encounter so hopefully I won’t feel the next to eat rubbish. Not a lot of chance for exercise though. Continue reading

20 June 2012 – Jobs fair


The jobs fair was very positive and gave me lots of interesting ideas. It also meant I went to work in a dress for the first time in living memory. A few of the employers expressed an interest in mE and took my bran new, shiny CV but some of them were too far away and some I’m not interested in as it’s call centre work again. Continue reading

12 June 2012 – not the best of days


Yesterday we had almost the whole average rainfall for June. It feels like my house is going to float away. I had a meeting with the company Mad House have bought in to help us with our job searches. Lots of really useful information about cv’s, job searching, interviews and much more. Hopefully that will help. Lots to think about anyway. The downside was it completely messed up our lunch and breaks and I didn’t have a chance to get my fruit. I also had far too many skinny lattes from the canteen as they were bringing them in for us and you all know how I love coffee. Then when I came back to my desk someone had left a cupcake with the england flag on it. Was feeling quite sick and wobbly by then as I had lunch too early and nothing since and it was about 5.30 with two and a half hours to go before home time. Of course I ate the cup cake then felt awful with big sugar rush. Continue reading

29 May 2012 – random day off


Random rest day for me today as my name was picked out of a hat to have today off due to low call volumes. So, in the best tradition of walks past, I thought I’d post about my random day off walk. Last night I decided the best thing to do with this unexpectedly free day was to go for a nice long walk. After all, I had nothing planned, Commando was asleep, and what else was I going to do? Housework? I don’t think so! Continue reading

9 May 2012 – light bulb moment


Finally I think I may have worked out what I did to my elbow. I was talking to someone about the girls night last week when Commando pinned a photo of the Mad House CEO up on our punch bag, lots of drunken punching went on. It was pointed out to me that that may have been when I crocked myself and thinking about it it makes sense. After all when you have been drinking you don’t always feel the pain. Oh well, lessons learned I guess. Continue reading

1 May 2012 – the good news, the bad news and the uncertainty


Hi folks. Just to let you know I am still around just skulking in the background. After the redundancy announcement last Monday I’ve been a bit lax with the logging etc and, if I’m honest, eaten way too much. Comfort eating I know. Also had the girls from work round on Friday night and a great deal of alcohol was consumed, plus a photo of the infamous Mad House MD who came to our office on Friday and told us all how hard it was for him to close our building pinned up on the punch bag got a good beating. Continue reading

23 April 2012 – Bombshell on the work front


I have an unexpected day off. I went to work this morning as normal and at 11 they told us all to get off the phones for a meeting. No one had any idea what it was about and we all gathered looking a bit puzzled. After a bit of waffle the floor manager announced that our building is going to close at the end of the year and we are all going to get made redundant. Seems like we will have work until July but after that that’s it. Continue reading

27 March 2012 – debt


There is a bit of a nip in the air here today but I have high hopes for sun later. Work for me but my team is on correspondence this week rather than phones which is great! This came about because there is a backlog and we are the top team so we get time off the phones as a treat. It’s so much more relaxed dealing with letters and emails rather than taking phone calls. Having said that some of the queries are more complicated so it does tax the old brain. Continue reading

29 February – all change again


One extra day very four years and I have to spend it at work. It’s not all bad though. Our manager, the one who didn’t believe I had whiplash and made my life hell, has been promoted. She’s leaving us this week. Good news for her and good news for me I think. We are all off to TGI Fridays for a farewell meal. Obviously this is not good news for the weight loss plan. Oh well, win some, lose some. Continue reading