8 May – mystery injury

Brewed in Percolator

Back to work for me after my week off. Thoroughly enjoyed my mini break to London with Commando and he bought me a lovely Pandora football bead to remember the promotion to the premiership. We spent an enjoyable day looking in all the posh shops at things we couldn’t afford and had a lovely meal in a little tapas place. My son Philo and his partner Sirona came round yesterday to tell us all about their holiday and to give me a belated birthday present. Continue reading


12 September 2010 – overdoing it on two fronts

Paying for a night out

Paying for a night out

Yesterday, the worrying about eating out calories had me walking for two hours with my sandbags to earn calories just in case. It was a good job I did because I ended up eating them all plus another four hundred. This was mostly down to birthday cake and champagne, plus I didn’t want to be a party pooper. Continue reading

28 March 2010 – Wembley and celebrations


We were an excited party standing on Southampton Station this morning waiting for our train. The platform was a sea of red and white and filled with an air of expectation. Last time I went to an away game it was 2003, the FA Cup final in Cardiff and it didn’t end so well. We had high hopes today though. Continue reading