5 December 2011 – sickness hearing


While I was off sick my team changed to a new shift. My boss tried to leave me on the old shift, having decided I was making the whole car crash, whiplash thing up she wanted to offload me. She didn’t get away with it though and today I started the new shift. It means starting earlier, which is a bit of a pain, especially after all that time off being ill. Continue reading

10 february 2011 – all change again

Brewed in Percolator

Thursday has come round very quickly this week. Thank goodness for that. I can’t wait until 8pm when I will be walking up the road on my way to the weekend. My team were getting ready to move to a new floor today. We were going up in the world onto floor 8. That’s two more floors of stairs to struggle with. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad one. At least we got some time off the phones for it. 

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17 December 2009 – answers but more uncertainty

Mars Bar, not really part of the Cambridge Diet

Mars Bar, not really part of the Cambridge Diet

Well at least we know what all the secret meetings were about now. Maddie is leaving us, she’s going to be CCM, she announced it this morning. Actually I had no idea what CCM was so I asked Panda in between calls.
“Call Centre Manager, you doofus,” she laughed.
“What, in charge of the whole place?” That didn’t seem right for someone so young.
“No, just one floor,” Panda rolled her eyes. If they didn’t use stupid acronyms for everything in this place I wouldn’t look half as stupid. Honestly, even the simplest things are reduced to a handful of letters, it would make much more sense if they just said what they meant.
“D’you think it’ll be our floor?” I wondered. Until then I had no idea who our CCM was I didn’t know we even had one, I’m too busy keeping my head down and trying to hit my targets to notice things like that. Panda just shrugged and took her next call.

Of course at lunch time it was all anyone was talking about.
“Bloody hell, I take one day off and we lose our manager,” Rae said, finishing off her soup and getting a Mars Bar out of her bag.
“Crikey, Rae, are they doing Cambridge Diet Mars Bars now?”
“I’m stressed ok, I need chocolate,” Rae said with a grumpy, defensive frown.
“So what’s going to happen to us,” Eloilia asked, “they won’t really disband the team will they?”
“No, we’ll get a new manager,” Primo said.
“Shit, it had better not be Gopesh,” Panda said with a shudder. “You know Tracey Andrews reported him for sexual harassment? If that slimy little creep comes anywhere near me I swear I’ll punch him in the face. He thinks he’s God’s gift.”
“It’s not Gopesh,” Primo said with such certainty that everyone looked at her.
“Come on, spill the beans Kirsty, you know something don’t you?” Panda said.
“I did hear something but it might be nothing.”
“Enough of the riddles, what did you hear,” Panda was bursting with curiosity, we all were.
“Last week I heard Ali Rana was being promoted to manager. Seeing as we’re the only team without one…”
I had no idea who any of them were. It all felt very unsettling as far as I could see. What a crappy day! Thank heavens tomorrow is Friday.