9 October 2009 – the longest week in the history of the world

A walk through the war zone

Another walk through the war zone

This is turning out to be the longest week in the history of the world. The days are all beginning to blur into one, mostly because they’re all pretty much the same. Get a bus, walk through the war zone trying not to look anyone in the eye, spend the day learning about systems and products, tests, stupid role play exercises, lunch time latte (which I probably shouldn’t be having given how many calories there are in them), go home, cook something for Commando to heat up for dinner the next night and collapse in a heap. Continue reading

8 October 2009 – walking through the war zone to work

Not the safest walk to work

Not the safest walk to work

On my walk from the bus stop to the office this morning there was a woman collapsed on the pavement by the shops. At first I thought she was ill and I actually walked up to her to see if I could help before I saw the three empty Special Brew cans and smelt the alcohol fumes. She wasn’t ill, she was dead drunk at eight thirty in the morning! Really I should have guessed, the walk from the bus to to office is a little like walking through a war zone, drunks, beggars, odd looking people muttering to themselves. It feels like it’s only a matter of time before I get mugged. Continue reading