3 July 2012 – making arrangements


Sorry I’ve been AWOL but lots going on here with arrangements for Commando’s mum’s funeral. The PM has been done and the official cause of death was DVT going to her heart and lungs but this was really just the straw that broke the camel’s back with all her other health problems. Continue reading

26 June 2012 – sad news


I may be off the radar for a while. A couple of hours ago I had a call from Commando to say his mum has passed away. We knew it was on the cards but it is still a bit of a shock. His dad called him in a bit of a state having just called the ambulance. Commando left work and went round there, calling me on the way.

So far all I know is she died just after the paramedics arrived and Commando was there with his dad and the paramedics and the police (apparently a formality in these circumstances). He is going over to the hospital with his dad as they are taking her to the chapel of rest (I think but I could be wrong). CJ is out but will hopefully be back soon.
I’m just sitting here waiting for more news or for someone to turn up, can’t sleep but wish I could because the waiting is horrible. I am expecting the next few days to be a bit of a mess with loads to do so I may be AWOL. Just in case anyone was worried.

1 May 2012 – the good news, the bad news and the uncertainty


Hi folks. Just to let you know I am still around just skulking in the background. After the redundancy announcement last Monday I’ve been a bit lax with the logging etc and, if I’m honest, eaten way too much. Comfort eating I know. Also had the girls from work round on Friday night and a great deal of alcohol was consumed, plus a photo of the infamous Mad House MD who came to our office on Friday and told us all how hard it was for him to close our building pinned up on the punch bag got a good beating. Continue reading

13 February 2012 – Feeling disheartened


Over the last few weeks I’ve been working really hard to get rid of the weight I put on whiles I was immobilised after my car accident. After I was given the all clear to go back to the high impact exercise I slowly built up the kettle bells and step, the Pump it Up and religiously stuck to logging my food apart from a tiny chocolate slip up last week. Today I weighed in and I’ve put on two pounds! Continue reading

7 December 2011 – trying to get back on track


An almost total lack of exercise unless you count stretching and yoga coupled with weeks at home unable to do anything much have resulted in a gain. It isn’t horrendous but it’s way more than I’d like and I have a wardrobe full of stuff that no longer fits. The problem is, I still can’t do much exercise, or not the stuff that burns calories and it’s tough to get back on track by eating well alone. Let’s face it, it’s hard to eat well all the time. Continue reading

19 September 2011 – hmmm


Weighed in this morning and stayed the same which is a bit disappointing after all my hard work. Still I did drink alcohol yesterday and I had marmite toast in the evening which is very salty. I think this could have given me a bit of a false result so I’m going to weigh again tomorrow and plough on. The B2B continues… Continue reading

4 September 2011 – Almost back to normal


Finally we seem to be getting Bard’s flat back to normal and with it our lives. I am very proud of him because he had always had a kind heart and is willing to lend a helping hand. Sadly, this time it caused him a bit of trouble but all is now more or less sorted out. Bard’s face is looking a lot better too. We had to buy a new toilet as his friend managed to smash the old one. Commando fitted it for him this weekend and things are finally looking more or less ok. Continue reading

26 August 2011 – weather not cooperating


The rain was teaming down here last night, I thought our little house at the bottom of the hill was going to float away. Commando tells me there’s lots of flooding so I guess that puts paid to my long walk today. Oh well I will do a long session of pump it up and see what else I can fit in. Hopefully the weather will cheer up for the rest of the weekend, although I’m not banking on it. Continue reading