27 September 2010 – 0.6lb of disappointment


With two long walks over the weekend and a fair bit of exercise during the week not to mention no real food disasters I thought I might get a decent result on the scales this morning. What a disappointment. Even after I’d weighed myself three times just to be sure all I’d lost was 0.6lb. This was really not what I wanted to see and it made me wonder exactly what I had to do to lose weight. Continue reading

20 November 2009 – hoping for more

On target

On target

All week I’ve been pretty good, walking to work every day, taking home made sandwiches for lunch and sticking to just one skinny latte a day so I had high hopes for my second Friday weigh in. Maybe they were a little too high. Weight had been lost but only the pound I put on in Prague. Somehow I was hoping for more but I guess it is in the right direction and its the first time I’ve lost anything since the beginning of October when I started at the Mad House. Why does it have to be so hard to get it off when it’s so easy to put it on though? Continue reading