1 May 2012 – the good news, the bad news and the uncertainty


Hi folks. Just to let you know I am still around just skulking in the background. After the redundancy announcement last Monday I’ve been a bit lax with the logging etc and, if I’m honest, eaten way too much. Comfort eating I know. Also had the girls from work round on Friday night and a great deal of alcohol was consumed, plus a photo of the infamous Mad House MD who came to our office on Friday and told us all how hard it was for him to close our building pinned up on the punch bag got a good beating. Continue reading

18 September 2011 – the finish line


Well I made it to 14 days. Had a bit of an odd one today. No real exercise although I did plan some. I had a call late this morning from my good friend Frankie. She had some free tickets to the match this afternoon and wants me to go with her. The roast I’d planned had to be ditched and we had paninis instead because Commando had to go to work at 4 and kick off was three. Continue reading

12 March 2011 – clearing up the garden and football

Tidying up the front garden

Tidying up the front garden

It was sunny and bright here today so I decided to get out in the garden for a while and have a little tidy up. The teenagers from next door were fighting in the road in the early hours so I was feeling a little tired. They are not the best of neighbours, the parents always used to have all their rows in the garden or in the street, it seems the kids are following in their footsteps. About a year ago the parents split up and the teens have been living alone in the house since the mother remarried and moved out (great parenting there obviously). Their ages range from around 21 down to about 16 and they are more or less out of control. Continue reading

29 January 2011 – football and curry


The day began watching Soccer AM because Southampton legend Francis Benali was on it. I’ve met him a few times and he is a lovely man. When Commando Junior was small we saw him in Sainsburys. Commando Junior ran up to him and said ‘You’re Francis Benali’, Franny asked him who he was (I was cringing with embarrassment at the time) and he said ‘Im Commando Junior.’ Franny shook his little hand and said ‘Pleased to meet you.’ Continue reading

8 January 2011 – an FA Cup victory


my weigh in day of reckoning is getting closer. The moment of truth after Christmas. There are just two days to claw things back so I’m being really strict with myself and hoping it pays off. There has been no let up in the rain. This didn’t endear me to the thought of walking to football, especially not to going over the bridge with half a gale blowing. 

 Continue reading

1 January 2011- back on the wagon and footie


Well it’s time to get back on the wagon good and proper and put the excesses of Christmas behind me. Maybe 2011 will be the year I banish those extra pounds for ever. Starting today with a walk to the stadium for the New Year’s Day footie! Continue reading