10 June 2011 – a runner in the family


This week has been my first week properly back on the wagon since my holiday. Yesterday morning I weighed in and I’ve lost 3 lbs. Now I will be trying to stay on the wagon for the next few weeks by which time I will hopefully be under the lower end of my target weight range and can go back to maintaining. Continue reading

31 May – it could have been worse


Sadly, my week away went all too quickly and, as we didn’t win the lottery, it’s work again for me this morning. I’m finding it hard to get back into a routine but I’m sure I’ll crack it by the end of this week though. At least I think I’ve more or less got the washing sorted now! Continue reading

14 May 2011 – Moonwalk day has arrived

1 moonwalk

So the Moonwalk day has finally arrived. We made it to London and checked into the Travel Inn at Putney. This was when I realised I’d forgotten my socks for heavens sake! Luckily, as we were driving to the hotel I’d  seen an M&S and a sports shop close by so we went for a stroll and I now have socks. They’re padded underneath which may prove to be a godsend. We had a quick coffee and seed bar in Pret and I’m now going to try to have a snooze while Commando watches the FA cup final. Can’t wait to meet everyone later… Continue reading

12 May 2011 – Moonwalk costume complete

3 moonwalk

As of 8pm tonight I am on holiday from work for two whole weeks. No more phone calls, no more swearing 98 year old women (who knew they knew that kind of language), no more targets, no more getting up early and fitting in my exercise. Missing my team already and getting nervous about the Moonwalk but first day of the holidays is a lovely feeling. I wonder if I will remember how to do anything by the time I get back? Continue reading

4 May 2011 – not reaching for the biscuits


Today I will be mostly feeling proud of myself. One of the hardest lessons to learn in this weigh loss journey os how to conquer emotional eating. Last night gave me ample opportunity to practice as everything in my house went pear shaped and I was sitting in the middle of it all feeling fragile to say the least. Continue reading

April 5 2011 – Terrible news


There was terrible news this morning. My lovely Tunisian friend Mr Abdel Ben Ali has passed away. I’m not sure exactly when or how yet, but knowing how hard he pushed himself it may have been his great big heart. He always had a cheeky smile on his face and his favourite phrase was ‘I will make that happen. I will make everybody happy.’ He certainly did. He was 52. Once. when I was working in Tunisia, he even drove for 4 hours just to bring me some cream for my mosquito bites because they were keeping me awake. Continue reading

31 March 2011 – if only all days were like this


There was heavy rain here in the night and, looking out of the window it looked like I might need waders to get to work. There was no breakfast before I left because my team won a team breakfast for being top sales. To be honest I feel a bit of a fraud because it was for the week I was off and I’m a bit worried about the extra calories but then I thought, what the hell I’m going to enjoy it! On top of that we had a training session in the afternoon which sounded like fun. All in all a good way to end the week. Continue reading

28 March 2011 – zumba on the horizon! Maybe…

Today I went back to work. Although I was image446

feeling more or less normal I decided to take it fairly easy and ease myself back in slowly. Hopefully the whole fainting feeling odd thing was just a blip and that will be an end of it although I do have my blood test results on Friday and a doctors appointment to discuss them. Continue reading