3 July 2012 – making arrangements


Sorry I’ve been AWOL but lots going on here with arrangements for Commando’s mum’s funeral. The PM has been done and the official cause of death was DVT going to her heart and lungs but this was really just the straw that broke the camel’s back with all her other health problems. Continue reading

27 June 2012 – Grief


Commando is as ok as can be expected although we are a bit worried about his Dad. We went to see him yesterday, took him to get some shopping and spent some time with him. Bard came round to see Commando in the afternoon so it was a bit of a manic day. At the moment we are waiting to find out if there will be a post Mortem because there were two doctors involved and neither wants to sign the death certificate.

Still some good news, Bard has got a job at the docks. It’s only ad hoc at the moment and it’s not what he wants to do (working in kitchens using his chef skills) but it is work which is a step in the right direction.

Sadly good eating went out of the window yesterday a bit but I’m back to work this morning so hopefully a little more back to normal. I think it’s going to be a bit of a mad week or two but I will try to keep as on track as I can and drop in now and then to say hello

26 June 2012 – sad news


I may be off the radar for a while. A couple of hours ago I had a call from Commando to say his mum has passed away. We knew it was on the cards but it is still a bit of a shock. His dad called him in a bit of a state having just called the ambulance. Commando left work and went round there, calling me on the way.

So far all I know is she died just after the paramedics arrived and Commando was there with his dad and the paramedics and the police (apparently a formality in these circumstances). He is going over to the hospital with his dad as they are taking her to the chapel of rest (I think but I could be wrong). CJ is out but will hopefully be back soon.
I’m just sitting here waiting for more news or for someone to turn up, can’t sleep but wish I could because the waiting is horrible. I am expecting the next few days to be a bit of a mess with loads to do so I may be AWOL. Just in case anyone was worried.

April 5 2011 – Terrible news


There was terrible news this morning. My lovely Tunisian friend Mr Abdel Ben Ali has passed away. I’m not sure exactly when or how yet, but knowing how hard he pushed himself it may have been his great big heart. He always had a cheeky smile on his face and his favourite phrase was ‘I will make that happen. I will make everybody happy.’ He certainly did. He was 52. Once. when I was working in Tunisia, he even drove for 4 hours just to bring me some cream for my mosquito bites because they were keeping me awake. Continue reading

11 February 2010 – a sad day and a turn around


In the end, even though I couldn’t actually go to the funeral I decided to take the half day Ali Rana had so begrudgingly offered me. That way I would at least be able to sit quietly and think about Jules and say goodbye in my head if not in person. So I sat with some gentle music and did just that. Continue reading

9 February 2010 – a disappointing answer

A hint of compassion?

A hint of compassion?

All day yesterday I waited for Ali Rana to come back to me about the day off. He didn’t and when I asked him again at the end of the day he got quite shirty with me.
“Requests for leave are supposed to be put in at least fourteen days in advance,” he snapped, “technically I should have said no straight away but I’m trying to work something out. With your attitude I’m not sure why I’m bothering.”
What I wanted to say was my friend didn’t know it would be such a problem when she died otherwise, obviously, she’d have given me a bit more notice. That might have been a sure way not to get the day off though so I bit my lip. Continue reading

8 February 2010 – looking for some decency

Maybe there's some decency in there?

Maybe there’s some decency in there?

As soon as huddle was over I asked Ali Rana about having the day off on Thursday. From the look on his face you’d have thought I was asking for his job not one of my own days holiday that I’m actually entitled to.
“I’ll have to check the schedule and get back to you,” he said with a sneer.
“The thing is it’s my friend’s funeral and I’d really like to go,” I said hoping for some trace of human kindness to reveal itself. It didn’t, he just ignored me and started shuffling papers around on his desk. Continue reading

21 November 2009 – Pappy and remembrance



We meant to go up the Big Hill to the village this morning to watch Matt LeTissier switch on the Christmas lights. Not that I’m much of a fan of Christmas, I’m more a bah humbug type of girl. When Pappy died in the hunted bedroom on Christmas Eve the whole thing lost it’s magic for me. I was twelve and I’d saved my pocket money to buy him a present. It was early in the morning. I could hear Mother walking up and down in the hall outside my bedroom door saying, “what am I going to tell her?” and all the time he was in the room opposite getting colder. The bit of me that harboured Christmas spirit died too that day. Continue reading