7 July 2012 – Race for life panic


It’s been an emotional week with my mother in law’s funeral and several visits from my father in law, who is lost and doesn’t know what to do with himself. I’m sure things will slowly get back to normal. Continue reading


1 January 2011- back on the wagon and footie


Well it’s time to get back on the wagon good and proper and put the excesses of Christmas behind me. Maybe 2011 will be the year I banish those extra pounds for ever. Starting today with a walk to the stadium for the New Year’s Day footie! Continue reading

29 September 2010 – twenty six point two doubts and fears

Too far!

Too far!

First thing this morning, instead of doing my Wii Fit I booted up the lap top and went onto the Walk The Walk website to register for the Moonwalk. Strike while the iron is hot is my new motto. Well, that and don’t give yourself a chance to chicken out. There were all sorts of choices to make which threw me a bit because I hadn’t really thought about any of them. Continue reading

28 September 2010 – Moonwalk serendipity


The morning was dark and dull in Southampton today and rain was forecast. Still, I told myself I got wet on the walk home last night so I might as well get wet on the way back in. In the end I made it to the office just before the rain really started so I was damp rather than wet. Once in a while luck is on my side. Continue reading

12 July 2009 – race day has arrived!

Race day has arrived!

Race day has arrived!

Today was race day! I can hardly believe I was in a proper race. Ok so it was only walking and I wasn’t trying to win but I had a proper race number pinned to my t-shirt and everything. The weather was ok although there were a few light showers but not while we were racing. It was amazing. There were ten thousand women taking part and the atmosphere was brilliant. Everyone was wearing pink Race For Life t-shirts and it wasn’t just stick insect women and athletic women either, some of them were my size. All the proper runners started off first and then the rest of us. I’m glad about that because at least I didn’t have to feel inadequate with sporty women flashing past me. Mind you some of the walkers were going faster than I can run. How do they do that? Continue reading

6 July 2009 – why is it so hard to stay on track at the weekend?

I guess half a pound is better than noting

I guess half a pound is better than nothing

I wasn’t really expecting much from the scales this morning when I weighed in. Ok I’ve been good for most of the week and I did do my race for life training but then there was the champagne and double chocolate ginger cakes. Why is it I can be so good all week and then everything falls apart at the weekend? Continue reading

4 July 2009 – a walk in the park and a champagne celebration

Race For Life training, Woodmill

Race For Life training, Woodmill

I did my Race For Life training this morning and really excelled myself. I made it all the way to Woodmill. Summer has really arrived and it was a beautiful sunny day so the park was crowded. Boys playing football with jumpers as goal posts, cyclists, runners, dog walkers, pushchair pushing mums, toddlers on trikes. It felt like the whole city was gathered in that one little park. The amount of bread being thrown to the swans made me worry about their weight, they’re going to find it hard to swim soon if this good weather keeps up. Continue reading

28 June 2009 – three miles at last and a reckless holiday booking

I can do it!

I can do it!

On Monday I promised myself I would do my Race For Life training every week and, true to my word, I went out this morning, although it was pretty hot. As a precaution, I took a big bottle of water so I didn’t get dehydrated. When I got to the park, the place was overflowing with people brought out by the nice weather. All along the river bank there were parents with children, throwing bread to the swans and ducks and the grass was filled with games of football and dogs chasing balls. There were quite a few runners and they all seemed to be sporting expensive gear and state of the art iPods, GPS watches and the like. Seems like runners take themselves very seriously. There was me with my tatty old jogging trousers (my posh leggings are in the wash) and t-shirt with nothing more than an old iPod and my Walkmeter on my iPhone, quite the poor relation, plodding along so slowly. Continue reading

22 June 2009 – a big gain and giving up on the fad diets

Only a pound, I expected more

Only a pound, I expected more

I weighed myself this morning and I’m back to twelve stone six. I’ve regained nearly all the weight I lost on the Atkins diet. My eating has got out of control again and I haven’t done any Race For Life training all month. I’ve let all this driving business take over my life and I have to get back in control again NOW. I’ve decided there are going to be no more crash diets, no Atkins or cabbage soup, I’m going to be sensible and eat properly and I’m going to make sure I do Race For Life training every week. Continue reading