12 December 2010 – Christmas shopping and a different walk


This morning I had a pretty unfruitful shopping trip. Some present were ticked off the list but Commando wanted a handheld Dyson and they are completely sold out everywhere so I’ve had to get him something else instead. The plan had been to get all the Christmas shopping done but I will have to go again on Friday now. 

At least I managed to get the food and drinks in for the girls night though. Lots of cranberry juice and orange juice to go with the vodka plus tons of diet coke, a bottle of rum and several bottles of wine. That should do it. I also got some snacks but with an eye on the good foods, lots of olives and dried fruit and nuts. I also got some mini blinis and various things to put on them (goats cheese, smoked salmon etc). I will be making filo pastry mince pies on Wednesday night and melon balls. 

Commando, Commando Junior and Bard are off to Amsterdam on Tuesday and not coming back until Thursday so it will be quiet around here this week. Then on Thursday night all hell will break loose with the girls and my boys all back at once.

Because I missed my Riverside walk yesterday I decided to do a shortened version today. Because I had a parcel to drop off at the Post Office I began by going up the Big Hill and then took a different route to the riverside. 

From the top of the hill I wlaked up towards the Estate Agents I worked in when I was working part time after I was made redundant. It’s a familiar walk because I did it every day for six months. Then I went down the hill at Moushole Lane (don’t the roads sound quaint round here?) and at the bottom I walked up Vale Drive towards The Castle Pub. This route only added about half a mile onto my normal walk but walking up the Big Hill and then walking up to the Castle, which is the highest point on this side of the river certainly added to the calorie burn. It also warmed me up on a cold afternoon. 

From the Castle there is a wonderful view right over to the airport where you can actually see planes coming in and taking off. It’s a very long hill down to Woodmill joining my normal riversiade walk about half way to the White Swan. 

There was still snow on the ground on this part of the river, although the paths were mostly clear.

A thick layer of ice covered the marshy bit of land down by the Swan and the little bridge was frozen solid. I don’t think I’d have been able to cross it to go off towards Eastleigh even if I’d had time. I did see my swans and one cygnet, whose feathers are almost all white now. 

Walking back I noticed that on the town side of the park there was no snow left on the grass at all. I wonder if it is warmer in the town because of heat radiating from all the houses nearby? 

3 December 2010 – calories burnt shovelling snow


It was minus 5 Here this morning but looking very pretty outside if trecherous under foot. It is also trying to snow again. 

I had a little lie in necause I knew I wouldn’t be able to do my 13 miles this morning. The plan was to go out and see how it went, if, like yesterday, I spent more time on my bum than my feet I would come home and give up on the idea. 

 Continue reading

2 December 2010 – Walking on snow


There were six inches of snow over night in Southampton! Looking out of the window I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it to work and if I did would I be able to get home again? Another eight inches are forecast. Yikes. 

There was no grit on our roads either. Yesterday we were the only Mad House call centre open in the country so it was manic with so many calls coming through. Continue reading

8 January 2010 – unexpected winter sports


Yesterday was a lovely lazy day but today I had to go up the Big Hill. We were running out of food and had no milk left at all. Mini Commando came up with me and it was hard going. There were still a few abandoned cars on the hill and the snow has frozen over now so it’s treacherous. Going up a steep hill makes it doubly so. Mini Commando and I slipped and slid, we hung onto walls and fences, we grabbed each other and almost both fell in a heap but, somehow, we made it to the top, out of breath and red in the face but giggling a bit at the adventure. There’s something about snow that brings out the kid in all of us and we did have a tiny snowball fight at the top of the hill. Mini Commando won because, as he put it, “you throw like a girl mum.” Continue reading

7 January 2010 – snow day part two!

Not really the weather for going out in the garden

Not really the weather for going out in the garden

The snow kept falling on and off until early evening yesterday. It only stopped when the temperature dropped drastically at about four o’clock, then things started to ice over. The TV news was full of ice warnings and people were told to stay indoors. Commando phoned his manager and was told not to come in because the roads were blocked. This morning I had a text from Primo to say the office was closed so not to bother going in. This is turning out to be rather a good week, if you don’t count the horrible journey home on Tuesday night. Continue reading

6 January 2010 – snow day!

Problem opening the gym door

Problem opening the gym door

It snowed all night and this morning it was so deep I couldn’t even open the gym door. There was a drift about a foot deep against the glass. On the news they were saying more than six inches of snow had fallen overnight and snow plows had been out. I didn’t even know we had snow plows in Hampshire, it’s not as if we get snow like this very often. There was a text on my phone from Rae, sent at three in the morning to say she’d just got in safely which was a relief. Continue reading

5 January 2010 – trapped in a blizzard


I struggled across the road

Global warming, what global warming? The snow started to fall at some point this afternoon. When you’re talking on the phone and staring at a succession of screens you tend to block out what’s going on around you so no one really noticed until it was quite a blizzard. By six o’clock we couldn’t actually see out at all. The outside world was a wall of white, as if someone had sneaked up a ladder and covered all the windows with paper. Then Karen Sidebottom, the CCM, walked round all the teams and told us to log off and go home while we could still get out of the building. The call centre was closing. Continue reading

22 December 2009 – more snow and a half empty office


Snow and freezing rain makes for an interesting walk to the bus stop

It didn’t warm up. In fact it got colder. There was more snow and freezing rain. Everyone is getting very excited at the idea of a white Christmas which would be quite nice in a Christmas cards outside the window kind of way but I wish it would hang on for bit until I’m off work. Continue reading