9 June 2011 – fall out and targets


We had a mad rain storm with hailstones yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness I got CJ’s sleeping bag in from the washing line before I went to work. He’s off to the Download festival today so I have a nice peaceful weekend ahead of me.The member of staff stuck in the lift last night was a female manager. They took over an hour to get her out. As it was after eight o’clock she was probably pretty late home. Good job it wasn’t me because I would have been panicking and would also have probably had to pee in the corner at least twice. Continue reading

10 August 2010 – a stairs challenge


• Exercise: 391
• Consumed: 1155

Today it was a reluctant walk back to the Mad House. At least it was sunny but that just served to remind me I was going to be stuck in an office all day instead of walking along the river or working in the garden. There was some Wii Fit before i left, one of the advantages of not starting until ten but having to get out of bed at six thirty because Commando is getting into bed after a night at work. Thinking about how I could fit in some extra exercise I decided to walk up the stairs when I got to Mad House, all six flights to my floor. Of course, it was possible I’d need medical attention when I got to the top but, on balance, I thought it was worth the risk. Continue reading