25 May 2011 – On the beach

Agadir 41

One of the things that kept me going through all those long Moonwalk miles was the thought of my post Moonwalk holiday. So now I’m sitting on a warm beach in Agadir. It’s not actually sunny because its ten to nine at night but it’s all floodlit so it’s like daytime but without the burning sun. Continue reading

4 March 2011 – Spring is in the air


This morning I did just under an hour of Pump it Up as I knew I wouldn’t be doing a long walk. That worked up a good sweat and, after my shower, I walked the three miles into town to the Next home store. The sun was shining, a perfect walking day ironically. It was lovely walking over the Big Bridge with the sun glittering on the water for a change. No swans this far up the river though although we do get the occasional one holding up the traffic on the bridge from time to time. I don’t know why but they always seem to do that in rush hour and cause huge queues of traffic. Perhaps they think it’s funny to sit in the road. Continue reading