6 December 2010 – Finally a positive weigh in


After all my hard work shovelling the snow from our front path and decking it poured with rain overnight and washed most of the snow away. Typical! If it wasn’t for the calories burned I’d be annoyed that all that hard work went to waste. Even after the rain, we could hear huge chunks of snow moving about on the gym roof, and there was still snow on the ground although it was a lot more patchy than it was. Most of the snow has melted now though although it is still bitterly cold. Continue reading

14 October 2009 – all about targets and a chocolate binge

All about targets

All about targets

Today we learned all about the maintenance contracts. It seems these are the holy grail.
“Sell a washing machine a boiler or a fridge freezer and that’s one lot of money coming in, selling a service and maintenance contract means money coming in every month for years,” Dev told us. Then he started to tell us about targets… Continue reading