31 May 2012 – two bridge challenge


This morning I decided to do a shorter walk because I still have big blisters on the bottom of my right foot and didn’t want to stray too far from home. Commando suggested the two bridge challenge, something he set for himself a while ago, although he runs it. It is about four and a half miles and crosses the river Itchen over the two main bridges. Continue reading

29 May 2012 – random day off


Random rest day for me today as my name was picked out of a hat to have today off due to low call volumes. So, in the best tradition of walks past, I thought I’d post about my random day off walk. Last night I decided the best thing to do with this unexpectedly free day was to go for a nice long walk. After all, I had nothing planned, Commando was asleep, and what else was I going to do? Housework? I don’t think so! Continue reading

24 March 2012 – care for a walk?


It was an early start this morning because we had to be at the pub in the New Forest at 8am. Not my preferred time for being up and about on a Saturday morning. There was quite a large group and I stayed at the front but couldn’t really walk at my normal pace because the course wasn’t marked out so I had to keep with the lead walker. I think I pushed his pace a little but still felt quite slow at 3 1/2 miles an hour. Continue reading

7 October 2011 – walking


It was pretty chilly and windy outside but once I’d been walking a while I warmed up. Down by the river the trees are starting to turn. I think in a couple of weeks they are going to look really beautiful. There weren’t too many swans or ducks about this morning. I guess they don’t like the wind very much. I must say I don’t either. Continue reading

24 September 2011 – Barcelona


Just managed to log into the wifi in the hotel lobby before we set off for the day. Yesterday we did a tour of Cassa Batlo and loads of walking. Spent the afternoon on the beach and then went to La Ramblas for some night life. We have accidentally come here during a festival and the place wa packed. There were giant marionettes going down the street, not sure what they were meant to represent but they had heads like the tops of the towers on some of the Gaudi buildings. We then came back to Parc Olympic on the beach, had a bite to eat and accidentally got there at just the right time for a huge firework display. Continue reading

17 September – the big breakfast


After the window man fixed our two blown double glazing units and I’d done some washing and stuff and had lunch we went out to the New Forest for the afternoon. We parked up at Deer Leap and set off for a nice long walk. To start off it was quite windy and we were walking across heathlands into the wind which was a bit annoying. Continue reading

16 September 2011 – walking off the weight


There were 1116 calories burnt today, this may well be a record. This morning I went for a walk along the river, just me and my trusty backpack. It was cloudy when I left home but by the time I got to the river the sun was out and I had to atop to put my sunglasses on because the sun was shining up off the water. Amazing how good some grass, trees, blue sky and the river can make you feel. Continue reading

9 September 2011 – another one bites the dust


After my normal weekday breakfast I walked down to the river this morning with my backpack and my ipod. The town end of the river was churned up by the torrential rain we’ve had and very muddy looking with loads of debris, leaves, bit of twig and the like. There were only a few swans and they looked pretty miserable, their feathers had a muddy tidemark and as they dived down for whatever it is they eat, their necks became discoloured by the muddy water. They looked a very sorry state. Further along the river, as I walked amonst the trees the path was littered with fallen branches. Continue reading