1 May 2010 – Happy Anniversary

What a view!

What a view!

Waking up with sun shining through the balcony doors it took me a while to work out where I was. Through blurry eyes, with no glasses, I looked about me. A huge room, two massive double beds, Commando sleeping peacefully in the one beside me. On the wall a giant TV and, in front of it a sofa and a low coffee table with a bowl of fresh fruit, some dishes of nuts and a bottle of wine, an empty bottle of wine. This was the start of my last day as a forty something.

I got up. Pulled the soft hotel robe around me and crept out onto the balcony to look out over the artificial river towards the sea. I could hear the waves crashing softly and it was hot already. Commando stirred and soon we were both up, showered under the amazing rainfall shower, smothered in luxurious body lotion and eating breakfast on the terrace downstairs.
“Happy anniversary,” Commando said as we sipped our coffee.

We spent the day wandering around the grounds of the hotel exploring. Everything about this place is larger than life from the TV in the room to the huge wooden horse of the Troy Land water park. We were tired of walking long before we’d seen everything so we found one of the outdoor restaurants and had lunch. No dieting for me on this holiday, I’m done with that for a week, but lunch was healthy all the same, a little from all of the tempting salads on offer at the buffet, fresh orange juice and coffee. The waitresses whizzed around on roller skates brining our drinks and clearing our plates. Afterwards there was ice cream, real, freshly made ice cream, chocolate of course. I may as well have died and gone to heaven.

We spent the afternoon on loungers on the beach. Despite my many misgivings I wore my bikini, no one stared or pointed and laughed and I suppose I’d call that a result. Commando dozed, I read my kindle. From time to time a waiter passed by offering drinks. I stuck to water, mindful of the heat and dehydration. Commando had a beer or two. When we got too hot we trotted down to the sea and doused ourselves in the cool waves. We ate in the Italian restaurant, one of nine, it’s a pity we won’t have time to try them all. I love the pace of holidays. Time to watch the sun come up and go down, freedom to wander with no aim or to lay in the sun reading.


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