28 February 2010 – thank goodness for eBay!


You’d think three day weekends would be relaxed affairs but this was one so busy I hardly had a moment to sit down. This is probably a good thing because sitting down tends to mean eating. Mind you, with the sandpaper tooth there hasn’t been a lot of that going on. Again, that can only be a good thing in the long run. Continue reading


27 February 2010 – if Carlsberg made football matches…

If Carlsberg made football matches...

If Carlsberg made football matches…

If Carlsberg made football matches… Just occasionally a football match is so good you don’t want it to end. Being a Saints fan I often spend the last ten minutes or so watching through my hands and counting down the seconds until the torture stops. Why do I keep going back you many wonder? Sometimes I ask myself the same question but the match today is exactly why. Continue reading

26 February 2010 – the dentist!


Why on earth was I looking forward to the weekend? Today there was another visit to the dentist. Over an hour in the chair while they fiddled about in my mouth, drilling and filing. When I finally came out I had a temporary crown. It feels like it’s made of sandpaper and what’s left of my tooth hurts like hell. Before I went in it felt fine. To add insult to injury I have to pay for the privilege as well.

It’s not all bad. Because my tooth hurts I left most of my dinner.

25 February 2010 – the week from hell and a seagull manager

New photo for my punch bag?

New photo for my punch bag?

Bloody Martin Lewis! Because of him we’ve had the week from hell at Mad House. On Monday morning he was on GMTV going on about Service Contracts. Basically he said they were all a rip off and anyone who had one should contact the company to cancel it. Of course that meant our lines were jammed with angry customers. At this rate I think I’m going to need a different photo for the punch bag when the girls next come round. Funny thing is I used to like his money saving tips on GMTV. Continue reading

22 February 2010 – mirror doors, what was I thinking?

Mirror doors, what was I thinking?

Mirror doors, what was I thinking?

The man came to fit the new wardrobes while I was at work. We now have sliding mirror doors taking up a whole wall in our bedroom. It is awesome having somewhere to put my clothes with an actual door to close so you can’t see them. For years we just had rails in the alcoves. Doors hide a multitude of sins. Now they’re up though I’m wondering what possessed me to choose mirror doors? Continue reading

19 February 2010 – letting off steam


Last night all the girls came to mine for a girly night after work. We planned it on Monday afternoon when everyone was feeling down and depressed and we’d been looking forward to it all week. Well I had anyway. On Thursday night I prepared some nibbles. Yes I know they were the last thing we all needed but as none of us had eaten I thought it might soak up the alcohol a bit. Continue reading

15 February 2010 – knowing what to do and doing it are not the same thing

It's not that we don't know it, it's that we don't do it!

It’s not that we don’t know it, it’s that we don’t do it!

As I didn’t weigh in last week I was hoping for a decent loss this week. All I got was one measly pound. For a minute I felt quite hard done by then I thought about it. My eating wasn’t the best, I haven’t been exactly regular with the Pump it Up and, yet again there has been very little walking. I’m not going to use being upset over Jules’ funeral as an excuse because that’s a cop out. My eye was off the ball, much like the Saints team on Saturday afternoon. If I’m going to sit on the beach in a bikini in May I’m going to have to get my finger out. Continue reading

13 February 2010 – football disappointments


Today was mostly about football. The match today was a local derby, Saint’s versus Pompey. Traditionally it has not been the most friendly of occasions and, frankly, I wasn’t all that keen on going. Much as I like football and usually defend it as a family sport there are some teams, or at least the supporters of those teams, who always seem to bring trouble with them. Portsmouth is one of them. Continue reading

11 February 2010 – a sad day and a turn around


In the end, even though I couldn’t actually go to the funeral I decided to take the half day Ali Rana had so begrudgingly offered me. That way I would at least be able to sit quietly and think about Jules and say goodbye in my head if not in person. So I sat with some gentle music and did just that. Continue reading

9 February 2010 – a disappointing answer

A hint of compassion?

A hint of compassion?

All day yesterday I waited for Ali Rana to come back to me about the day off. He didn’t and when I asked him again at the end of the day he got quite shirty with me.
“Requests for leave are supposed to be put in at least fourteen days in advance,” he snapped, “technically I should have said no straight away but I’m trying to work something out. With your attitude I’m not sure why I’m bothering.”
What I wanted to say was my friend didn’t know it would be such a problem when she died otherwise, obviously, she’d have given me a bit more notice. That might have been a sure way not to get the day off though so I bit my lip. Continue reading