30 August 2011 – AWOL and some bad news


Just a quick post to let you know I am a bit tied up right now which is why I’ve been AWOL. My son Bard had a bit of an emergency at the weekend when one of his friends (who has mental health issues) went berserk, smashed up Bard’s flat and badly beat him up. Continue reading

26 August 2011 – weather not cooperating


The rain was teaming down here last night, I thought our little house at the bottom of the hill was going to float away. Commando tells me there’s lots of flooding so I guess that puts paid to my long walk today. Oh well I will do a long session of pump it up and see what else I can fit in. Hopefully the weather will cheer up for the rest of the weekend, although I’m not banking on it. Continue reading

18 August 2011 – one step forward

Brewed in Percolator

Today I’m feeling a bit rubbish. Just when i thought i’d got this getting back on the wagon thing kicked I’ve had a bad tummy since yesterday and this morning my throat feels bad too. Yesterday I was off the phones so I could keep dashing to the loo so guess I will be off today too. Ended up doing everyone’s tasks which was interesting. Thought I had a backlog but some people on the team made mine look good.

It’s pouring with rain today so I will be getting the bus to work. Commando did his last c25k run yesterday and was pleased to break the 27 minute barrier by 20 seconds which is prety amazing.

16 August 2011 – going in the wrong direction


Definitely dark and dingy here on the south coast after such a lovely sunny start yesterday. The weather matches my mood. After couple of weeks being our of control with time off work, Commando’s birthday and lots of eating out the blasted scales are going in the wrong direction. Now is the time to get back on the wagon. Continue reading