8 September 2011 – At the risk of boring you…


It was tough going back to normal hours and normal calls today but all in all not a bad day at work. I must say I’m feeling worn out tonight though. The day started with a 30 min pump it up session then my normal weekday breakfast. After a quick shower it was off to walk to work with my back pack. I also managed a little walk at lunch time. Continue reading

23 June 2010 – who says you can’t change anything?


The results of the milk survey were in today when I got to the canteen. The coffee machine has a brand new notice attached to it. ‘By popular demand this machine is filled with skimmed milk.’ There was a brand new row of fruit salad in the cooler too. Who says you can’t change anything? Continue reading

22 June 2010 – a fruit disaster and a fruit success

What kind of milk do you want in the coffee machine?

What kind of milk do you want in the coffee machine?

The fruit pot saga continues. This morning I tried wrapping the plastic notleakproifintheslightest pot in cling film and then putting it in a sandwich bag. When I got to work the sandwich bag was filled with fruit juice and some of it was in my newly cleaned bag. Back to the drawing board again then. Continue reading

2 June 2010 – everyone is having a pop at fat people


‚Ä®Lunchtime at the Mad House and the conversation is always one of two things, work, meaning customers and the annoying or stupid calls we’ve taken, or weight loss. Strange that when I was about to join the team my biggest fear was being the oldest and the fattest so not fitting in. Turns out I might be the oldest but I fit in just fine because we’re all desperately struggling to lose weight or trying to pretend we don’t care. Continue reading

25 March 2010 – it’s not what you know…


The weekend is on the way and it’s a mad busy one. There’s an eye test, a hair cut and coffee with Mac to fit in not to mention Wembley. It would have been handy if I could have got Monday off really, I’m going to be exhausted. Goodness only knows how I coped when I had two day weekends, even with three I’m struggling to do everything. Continue reading

15 February 2010 – knowing what to do and doing it are not the same thing

It's not that we don't know it, it's that we don't do it!

It’s not that we don’t know it, it’s that we don’t do it!

As I didn’t weigh in last week I was hoping for a decent loss this week. All I got was one measly pound. For a minute I felt quite hard done by then I thought about it. My eating wasn’t the best, I haven’t been exactly regular with the Pump it Up and, yet again there has been very little walking. I’m not going to use being upset over Jules’ funeral as an excuse because that’s a cop out. My eye was off the ball, much like the Saints team on Saturday afternoon. If I’m going to sit on the beach in a bikini in May I’m going to have to get my finger out. Continue reading

13 January 2010 – bad news and accidents

A snowy walk to work

A snowy walk to work

More snow fell last night, just an inch or so this time, but it was so cold this morning it was frozen by the time I left for work. The ground was solid ice and, just round the corner on the main road I slipped, lunged at a fence and ended up taking it down with me as I fell. Really I should have made a note of the house and called back later to offer to pay for a new fence. At the time I was slightly busy trying to stop myself slipping right into the road and, when I got to less slippery ground and looked back, all the fences along that part of the road were down. It was anyone’s guess which one I’d grabbed. Continue reading

17 December 2009 – answers but more uncertainty

Mars Bar, not really part of the Cambridge Diet

Mars Bar, not really part of the Cambridge Diet

Well at least we know what all the secret meetings were about now. Maddie is leaving us, she’s going to be CCM, she announced it this morning. Actually I had no idea what CCM was so I asked Panda in between calls.
“Call Centre Manager, you doofus,” she laughed.
“What, in charge of the whole place?” That didn’t seem right for someone so young.
“No, just one floor,” Panda rolled her eyes. If they didn’t use stupid acronyms for everything in this place I wouldn’t look half as stupid. Honestly, even the simplest things are reduced to a handful of letters, it would make much more sense if they just said what they meant.
“D’you think it’ll be our floor?” I wondered. Until then I had no idea who our CCM was I didn’t know we even had one, I’m too busy keeping my head down and trying to hit my targets to notice things like that. Panda just shrugged and took her next call.

Of course at lunch time it was all anyone was talking about.
“Bloody hell, I take one day off and we lose our manager,” Rae said, finishing off her soup and getting a Mars Bar out of her bag.
“Crikey, Rae, are they doing Cambridge Diet Mars Bars now?”
“I’m stressed ok, I need chocolate,” Rae said with a grumpy, defensive frown.
“So what’s going to happen to us,” Eloilia asked, “they won’t really disband the team will they?”
“No, we’ll get a new manager,” Primo said.
“Shit, it had better not be Gopesh,” Panda said with a shudder. “You know Tracey Andrews reported him for sexual harassment? If that slimy little creep comes anywhere near me I swear I’ll punch him in the face. He thinks he’s God’s gift.”
“It’s not Gopesh,” Primo said with such certainty that everyone looked at her.
“Come on, spill the beans Kirsty, you know something don’t you?” Panda said.
“I did hear something but it might be nothing.”
“Enough of the riddles, what did you hear,” Panda was bursting with curiosity, we all were.
“Last week I heard Ali Rana was being promoted to manager. Seeing as we’re the only team without one…”
I had no idea who any of them were. It all felt very unsettling as far as I could see. What a crappy day! Thank heavens tomorrow is Friday.

15 December 2009 – rumours, speculation and a win at St Mary’s

I could see the outline of fans standing in the top row

I could see the outline of fans standing in the top row

Something is going on at the Mad House, no one knows quite what but there’s been a lot of speculation. Maddie went off to a meeting this morning. There seem to have been a lot of those lately and she’s being quite secretive about them which got everyone whispering. At lunch time everyone was talking about it. Primo thinks they’re going to disband our team.
“Why would they do that?” Panda asked. “We’re the best performing team in the building. It wouldn’t make sense.”
“It would if they want to boost some of the under achieving teams,” Primo said.
“I don’t want to be on another team,” Eloelia said.
Neither do I but I can’t see me boosting anyone’s figures unless they all have piss poor wrap. Continue reading

19 November 2009 – memories of the cabbage soup diet

Unfortunate co sequences from horrible soup

Unfortunate consequences from horrible soup

So far this week I’m on target for my sales, I’ve got one every day and I’ve got a service contract but it feels like the pressure is never off. No sooner have I got a sale then I’m worrying about the next one and, as everyone else except Tom, is getting lots of sales every day I feel like I’m letting the team down. Next week I’m having a one to one with Maddie and I’m a bit worried what she’s going to say. Continue reading