18 June 2012 – I’m so excited!


A busy busy weekend including supporting Commando running a 10k in the new forest. 50 mins 09 seconds official time If anyone is interested. Anyhow I just got invited to see the Dali Lama on Thursday! Very very excited as I have always wanted to see him. Don’t think there will be any actual meeting one to one involved but still exciting. Continue reading

25 March 2012 – Commando’s first 10k


For the runners out there who have been following Commando’s running progress… He did his first race today, 10k. I was very proud of him.He finished in 50.36 which was more than two mins below his PB. Ewan Thomas, Olympic 400m athlete, who lives locally also competed and came in about 5 mins before Commando. Not bad for an almost 50 year old who has only been running since last June. To put it all in perspective the first place came in a a shade over 30 mins and last place in 1 hour 45. Continue reading

10 June 2011 – a runner in the family


This week has been my first week properly back on the wagon since my holiday. Yesterday morning I weighed in and I’ve lost 3 lbs. Now I will be trying to stay on the wagon for the next few weeks by which time I will hopefully be under the lower end of my target weight range and can go back to maintaining. Continue reading

17 October 2010 – the Southampton 10k

Looking cold because I was

Looking cold because I was

When I ate my morning muesli I was feeling a little nervous. Mostly this was about coming last in the 10k race and looking a prat. At least it wasn’t raining. Walking the last half mile from Rae’s car to The Common we relished it was freezing though and, just in our running gear we shivered our way through the wait for the start. Even with a fleece on I looked as if I was shivering in the photo Rae took while we waited, mostly because I was. Continue reading

25 September 2010 – a run and a new path to try

Maybe next week

Maybe next week

while I was eating my weekend treat low fat croissant breakfast I could see the sun is shining outside. Commando was in a bad mood because he was tired so he didn’t join me for the riverside walk but I still went because I wanted to check out the new GPS app. It was free so I wasn’t sure it would be any good but it said it tracked miles, speed and steps which is just the kind of thing I need. It turned out to be far beer than expected. It even shows your sped while you’re walking plus calories burned and maps the walk. What a bargain! Continue reading

4 August 2010 – fat girl running


• Exercise: 953
• Consumed: 1078

The weather smiled on me today. Alfie and I sat in the garden and her little boy toddled around being an angel even though she says he’s naughty. The last time she saw me it was May and she was shocked at how much weight I’ve lost since then. Hearing someone say you look amazing is quite a morale boost, especially as I didn’t lose this week and was feeling a bit demoralised. Continue reading