11 February 2011 – walking in the rain and a bad head


When I set off this morning it was a bit drizzly but I wrapped up well and decided to do laps of the river again so I wouldn’t be too far from home if it got worse. 

The first lap was fine, I saw the black swan again and he seemed to be quite friendly with one of the White swans. Now that could make for some interesting cygnets in the spring! Continue reading

4 February 2011 – sixteen miles!

a damp and miserable park

a damp and miserable park

This morning I was feeling quite tired after a mad week at work. We had a special promotion this week so not only did we have a lot of calls but we had a lot of new things to remember and to fit into each call without messing up our stats. We also have a whole new list of things we are being targeted on so the brain is feeling a little frazzled. It’s quite hard to get used to all these changes while sounding like you know what you’re doing at all times and remembering to check all the things that have to be checked on each account plus giving good service. I guess it will get easier next week. 

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