2 November 2010 – motivation and loss of face

Heading for Marrakech, at least virtually

Heading for Marrakech, at least virtually

It’s strange getting up in the light and even stranger when it’s dark so early in the evening. First thing I cracked on with my Wii exercises including a bit of jogging to build up my Marrakech miles. From what other people have posted on the walking board I think I’m falling behind already and I”d like to get out of Crawley before the week is out. Continue reading

January 10 2010 – the Big Push for Turkey


So, day one of The Big Push for Turkey. I broke out the Wii Fit this morning, it has hardly been used since Christmas, mostly because I couldn’t forgive it for making me weigh myself in front of Commando and for telling me I’d put on fifteen bloody pounds. To be honest I’m still not happy with it. Today it told me I’ve out on another three pounds since then, back to eleven thirteen. How come it’s so easy to put it on and so hard to get it off? Continue reading