9 May 2012 – light bulb moment


Finally I think I may have worked out what I did to my elbow. I was talking to someone about the girls night last week when Commando pinned a photo of the Mad House CEO up on our punch bag, lots of drunken punching went on. It was pointed out to me that that may have been when I crocked myself and thinking about it it makes sense. After all when you have been drinking you don’t always feel the pain. Oh well, lessons learned I guess. Continue reading

7 December 2011 – trying to get back on track


An almost total lack of exercise unless you count stretching and yoga coupled with weeks at home unable to do anything much have resulted in a gain. It isn’t horrendous but it’s way more than I’d like and I have a wardrobe full of stuff that no longer fits. The problem is, I still can’t do much exercise, or not the stuff that burns calories and it’s tough to get back on track by eating well alone. Let’s face it, it’s hard to eat well all the time. Continue reading

20 October 2011 – back to hats and boots


What a difference a few days makes. It was so cold and frosty I got the furry hat out yesterday and think I will need it today too. Also my sketchers boots arrived and I wore them yesterday. All furry lined and SO comfy. Not sure the tone up thing actually does anything but nice to have warm cozy and comfortable feet when I walk so much. Continue reading

12 May 2011 – Moonwalk costume complete

3 moonwalk

As of 8pm tonight I am on holiday from work for two whole weeks. No more phone calls, no more swearing 98 year old women (who knew they knew that kind of language), no more targets, no more getting up early and fitting in my exercise. Missing my team already and getting nervous about the Moonwalk but first day of the holidays is a lovely feeling. I wonder if I will remember how to do anything by the time I get back? Continue reading

26 February 2011 – Summer clothes surprises


This morning we had a meeting at the bank about changing our mortgage. The morning has been a bit of a rush but it looks like we could save some money and cut down the years too so that is good. We also took some left over walnut laminate flooring back to homebase and got a refund on that and bought some more marble tiles because we are going to have a row of half tiles instead of skirting boards now. The bathroom men came up with the idea and we thought it sounded good. 

 Continue reading

31 December 2010 – reflecting on New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve always feels like a time to reflect. This time last year I was a few stone heavier. I’d had a Christmas of eating far too much and all my clothes were tight and uncomfortable. I felt horrible and NYD was the day I decided to get back on track and do something about it once and for all. Continue reading

19 November 2010 – The winning team


Last night was a late one because of the awards. What a night! I have been to so many awards events over the years but this was the first time I got dressed up to go out and actually felt good. For once I didn’t feel like a heffalump in a fancy dress. Commando took some photos before I went out, he said he was so proud of me. Continue reading

13 November 2010 – a dress success!


My second Monsoon dress was in the parcel I picked up after my walk yesterday. As it’s the same size and a similar style to the first, I didn’t think it would fit either. When I put it on though it zipped up easily. It isn’t quite as nice as the first one but it will certainly do. At least that solves the dress problem. 

 Hopefully the other one will fit by Christmas. Then I can make Commando take me somewhere nice. 

How weird though. Two dresses, both from Monsoon, both similar styles with boned strapless bodeces. Both the same size. One fits the other doesn’t! Why can’t shops get it right? Continue reading

11 November 2010 – why doesn’t it come off where you want it?

Pretty sure I won't look that good

Pretty sure I won’t look that good

It was back to wet and windy again this morning. Luckily Rae offered me another lift to work so it was just the fifteen minute walk from the parking spot to Mad House to worry about. Still it’s the last day of the week at work for me and I’m hoping the rain will hold off tomorrow morning for my Moonwalk training walk. With two lifts to work I need to get those Marrakech miles in, I’m fed up with being in the middle of the channel and want to get back to dry land again. Continue reading

24 October 2010 – bra measuring success


Lovely blue sky and sun here this morning so I went off to town to get some things for Mini Commando for his new job. He needed special trousers and shoes and some White t-shirts. Commando went off to look for the t-shirts and I had a quick look in La Senza for some more PJ’s. The ones I got on eNay are so snugly I wanted some more for winter. Continue reading