1 May 2012 – the good news, the bad news and the uncertainty


Hi folks. Just to let you know I am still around just skulking in the background. After the redundancy announcement last Monday I’ve been a bit lax with the logging etc and, if I’m honest, eaten way too much. Comfort eating I know. Also had the girls from work round on Friday night and a great deal of alcohol was consumed, plus a photo of the infamous Mad House MD who came to our office on Friday and told us all how hard it was for him to close our building pinned up on the punch bag got a good beating. Continue reading

6 April 2012 – family worries


Been a busy day already as we went into town to get a present for my eldest son for his thirtieth. How did that happen? He’s going on a surprise trip to Turkey so I got him a new wallet and a leather thing for carrying his passport and travel documents. I also filled said wallet with euros. Hopefully he’ll like it. Continue reading

23 July 2011 – Exercise can be expensive


We had to go to town this morning to get a new tv/DVD combo for the gym because the DVD in the old one died, probably because I overworked it! Most day I use it at some point for exercise DVDs and have been since we got the tv. As the tv part still works CJ is clearing the rubbish dump that is his room so that he can have it. We then have to take the old tv from his room (which is the size of a fridge freezer and weighs about the same as a car) to the dump. Continue reading

11 February 2011 – walking in the rain and a bad head


When I set off this morning it was a bit drizzly but I wrapped up well and decided to do laps of the river again so I wouldn’t be too far from home if it got worse. 

The first lap was fine, I saw the black swan again and he seemed to be quite friendly with one of the White swans. Now that could make for some interesting cygnets in the spring! Continue reading

15 November 2010 – a great big thank you


After my Wii fit jogging, to earn some Marrakech miles, I weighed in. Unbelievably I’ve lost 2.4 pounds. For me that is a huge loss and I wonder how much of it is down to the motivation of those Marrakech miles? There’s just under a pound to shed now for my next target of being in the 9’s. I can hardly believe it’s possible, it’s so much more than I ever dared to hope back in January 2009. Continue reading

12 November 2010 – moonwalk training along the shore

The shore

The shore

Eating my breakfast at seven o’clock this morning I wondered briefly what on earth I was doing up so early on my day off? Obviously I am mad! Because of the rain over the least week I thought I’d give the Riverside walk a miss today. It tends to flood down there so I thought it might be a bit tricky. Instead I walked in the opposite direction, up The Big Hill and down the long road to Woolston, where I used to live years ago. 

It is a good three miles down to the shore and not the prettiest walk, which is what has put me off doing this before. Continue reading

24 October 2010 – bra measuring success


Lovely blue sky and sun here this morning so I went off to town to get some things for Mini Commando for his new job. He needed special trousers and shoes and some White t-shirts. Commando went off to look for the t-shirts and I had a quick look in La Senza for some more PJ’s. The ones I got on eNay are so snugly I wanted some more for winter. Continue reading


Sadly my up to date blog fatgirlslimblog was hacked. With great reluctance I’ve had to take it down but I’ve started a new blog iwalkalone So, if you want to know how I, getting on these days come and visit. I, slowly adding the best of my old posts, so it may look a little bare at the moment but I promise you it won’t for long 🙂

16 October 2010 – missing the sweet spot


Half way through sorting through my T shirt and jumper drawers and getting my winter wardrobe ready I found a pair of lovely Toast trousers that had always been to small. I hid them and promised myself I would get into them one day not really believing I would. Anyway I thought they might fit now so I tried them on. Continue reading