30 January 2012 – sick note


Today I went to the doctor after a weekend of struggling to breathe and Commando nagging me. Guess what?  I have a chest infection. Flaming sir conditioning at work spreading all the germs around. I’ve got some antibiotics and I’m sure I’ll be on the mend soon. Getting fed up with being a sick note though. Continue reading

5 December 2011 – sickness hearing


While I was off sick my team changed to a new shift. My boss tried to leave me on the old shift, having decided I was making the whole car crash, whiplash thing up she wanted to offload me. She didn’t get away with it though and today I started the new shift. It means starting earlier, which is a bit of a pain, especially after all that time off being ill. Continue reading

16 November 2011 – physio


The physio went well yesterday although it cost me £30 in taxi fares as it’s quite a long way from home. I’ve got some more exercises to do and she says I’ve got to try to keep moving gently. The yoga is good. She can see and feel the muscles on the right of my neck and my right shoulder are very tight which is my body trying to protect the injury. It’s a fine line between exercise and relaxation an not doing too much too soon. Continue reading

18 August 2011 – one step forward

Brewed in Percolator

Today I’m feeling a bit rubbish. Just when i thought i’d got this getting back on the wagon thing kicked I’ve had a bad tummy since yesterday and this morning my throat feels bad too. Yesterday I was off the phones so I could keep dashing to the loo so guess I will be off today too. Ended up doing everyone’s tasks which was interesting. Thought I had a backlog but some people on the team made mine look good.

It’s pouring with rain today so I will be getting the bus to work. Commando did his last c25k run yesterday and was pleased to break the 27 minute barrier by 20 seconds which is prety amazing.

22 March 2011 – poor treatment


Yesterday I had a very disturbing day. It began when I got up late because I forgot to turn my alarm on. This meant I had no time for exercise. When I went to the bathroom to weigh in and shower I felt faint so knelt on the floor thinking it would soon pass (I was a terrible fainter when I was a teenager so wasn’t particularly phased by it). It didn’t. It was about half an hour before I could stand up and even then I felt strange. Very shaky and not quite with it. I managed to have a wash and clean my teeth then had some breakfast and a drink. Continue reading

19 February 2011 – Healthy home cooking


It was a wet and cold Saturday today. Our new bath arrived yesterday so the gym is not really useable at the moment. Having said that exercise still brings on a massive coughing fit at the moment anyway so that is probably not a bad thing. There was some exercise in the form of going up the big hill for food shopping then some washing and housework. Next week is going to be mad with the bathroom fitters in all week but I can’t wait until it’s finished. 

 Continue reading

15 February 2011 – back in the land of the living


There was a post on WLR this morning when I finally got round to logging on that actually made me cry. I’ve been AWOL for four days because I’ve been ill and obvioulsy I’d been missed. The post was from Mr Bumble and it went like this…
I’m just whooshing through on here tonight, but I haven’t seen a Good Morning post by Marie for a few days. Is it just me not being attentive, or are we missing her? I know she was feeling poorly the last time she posted. Anyone know how she is?

 Get Well soon Marie, we miss you. Continue reading

30 September 2010 – hit by the lurgy


Things got off to a bad start this morning. I woke up feeling rubbish. Rae has some kind of lurgy and I think she’s given it to me. The Wii didn’t seem like a good plan with a throbbing head so I decided to conserve my energy for the walk to work and took some high does vitamin C to try to ward off the germs. Continue reading