24 September 2011 – Barcelona


Just managed to log into the wifi in the hotel lobby before we set off for the day. Yesterday we did a tour of Cassa Batlo and loads of walking. Spent the afternoon on the beach and then went to La Ramblas for some night life. We have accidentally come here during a festival and the place wa packed. There were giant marionettes going down the street, not sure what they were meant to represent but they had heads like the tops of the towers on some of the Gaudi buildings. We then came back to Parc Olympic on the beach, had a bite to eat and accidentally got there at just the right time for a huge firework display. Continue reading

20 September 2011 – team talk in the pub


Not such a good day for me. I didn’t do my pump it up this morning because I had to go to work early to get some processes sorted out before my holiday. I did walk in with my back pack and we had a pub team talk today too and I took my back pack with me. Sadly my only exercise today. I was planning on doing some more this evening but everything running late and I need to get an early start tomorrow so I can’t fit anything in. Continue reading

19 September 2011 – hmmm


Weighed in this morning and stayed the same which is a bit disappointing after all my hard work. Still I did drink alcohol yesterday and I had marmite toast in the evening which is very salty. I think this could have given me a bit of a false result so I’m going to weigh again tomorrow and plough on. The B2B continues… Continue reading

18 September 2011 – the finish line


Well I made it to 14 days. Had a bit of an odd one today. No real exercise although I did plan some. I had a call late this morning from my good friend Frankie. She had some free tickets to the match this afternoon and wants me to go with her. The roast I’d planned had to be ditched and we had paninis instead because Commando had to go to work at 4 and kick off was three. Continue reading

17 September – the big breakfast


After the window man fixed our two blown double glazing units and I’d done some washing and stuff and had lunch we went out to the New Forest for the afternoon. We parked up at Deer Leap and set off for a nice long walk. To start off it was quite windy and we were walking across heathlands into the wind which was a bit annoying. Continue reading

16 September 2011 – walking off the weight


There were 1116 calories burnt today, this may well be a record. This morning I went for a walk along the river, just me and my trusty backpack. It was cloudy when I left home but by the time I got to the river the sun was out and I had to atop to put my sunglasses on because the sun was shining up off the water. Amazing how good some grass, trees, blue sky and the river can make you feel. Continue reading

15 September 2011 – b2b day 11


Calories burned today, 852. It started with beach body toning exercises, not a great calorie burn but my abs certainly know about it and my inner thighs. I walked to and from work and a quick stroll at lunch time with the back pack, 80 mins in all there. I have just done 20 mins step/kettlebells to finish the day. Continue reading

14 September 2011 – feel the burn


Today I burnt 925 calories with beach body this morning for 30 mins, 55 mins walking with my back pack and 30 mins kettlebells/step. I really pushed myself on the walk to work. There was a woman walking quite fast about 200 yards in front of me and I decided I was going to overtake her before we got to the other side of the bridge. I made it with time to spare and then just carried on walking super fast. Poor woman didn’t evern know she was in a race. Continue reading

13 September 2011 – 9 down 5 to go, the chocolate issue


Well another day ticked off of the 14 I promised myself. I started the day with the beach body workout which takes 30 mins, had my usual breakky and shower and set off for work. It was sunny but windy here today and my walk to work with my 16lb backpack took a full 5 mins longer than usual because I was walking into the wind. Thought I was going to blown over the side when I got to the bridge. Continue reading

12 September 2011 – the small issue of coffee


Today I started with the pump it up beach body workout for 30 mins. It’s a tough old workout and I certainly needed a shower afterwards. I had my normal weekday muesli, fromage frais, fresh orange juice cocoa combo for breakfast. Sadly the walk to work didn’t happen because of the gales and rain and Commando gave me a lift it. I did manage to get a bit of walking in at lunchtime though with my backpack. Continue reading